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The Roller Blinds Fabric Collections is the perfect solution to cover your windows, because they are aesthetically versatile, easy to handle and take up little space for their flat design, all this allows their use in any decoration style. With the traditional attributes of Roller Blinds Fabric Collections, they offer improved features, compared to traditional window shades, which allow the use of this product in large windows, UNITEC Textile Decoration Co.,Ltd is one of the biggest suppliers and manufacturers of roller blinds fabric collections flexalum.

Roller Blinds Fabric Collections are currently one of the most used for its great aesthetic versatility and great functional contributions. Roller Blinds Fabric Collections Flexalum outperform the competition with easy-to-handle mechanisms that occupy a small window space; In addition, all our lines offer excellent terminations.

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The Roller Blinds Fabric Collections Flexalum is the perfect solution to cover your windows thanks to its flat design and simplicity that allows it to be integrated into any decoration style. Added to the traditional attributes of roller blinds are improved features that allow for greater dimensions Roller Blinds Fabric Collections are one of the favorites in the market for their great aesthetic versatility and great functional contributions. Roller Blinds Fabric Collections Flexalum outperforms the competition with mechanisms. UNITEC is the authorized supplier of Roller Blinds Fabric Coulisse, Roller Blinds Fabric Hunter Douglas.

The Flexalum Duo Curtain in the style of day-night blinds, stands out for its cutting-edge design and quality materials and high strength. This roller duo curtain, also known as zebra roller, is designed by a double fabric with horizontal stripes, which creates an effect of day and night, the control allows you to alternate the bands of opaque and translucent fabric that overlap allowing to regulate the entry of light, therefore the levels of privacy.


The duo flexalum zebra blinds allows you to play with privacy levels, opening or closing with a greater blackout. The Flexalum Duo curtains have easy-to-use drives, by means of a high-strength and constant-height plastic chain that raises and lowers the fabric firmly and safely, ensuring a light and comfortable operation.

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The net design of the Roller Blinds Fabric allows them to be integrated into any decoration style. High quality and excellent finishes, they are available in a variety of fabrics, textures and colors. The collections include Screen fabrics with different degrees of opening, Blackout in smooth or weft finishes, and Decorative fabrics with different levels of transparency or opacity. The drive can be manual or motorized.

Jacquard Blackout blinds Fabric, australia blockout roller blinds,
Jacquard Blackout blinds Fabric

With its endless possibilities of style and functionality, roller blinds are the most popular sunscreen alternative in the world. Not only are they ideal for living rooms, they are also ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Coated Roller Blind Fabric, coated roller blind, coated blackout roller blinds
Coated Roller Blind Fabric,coated roller blind,coated blackout roller blinds

In addition to the exceptional collection of roller blind fabrics, we offer several types of safe and simple systems to install and use. The designs of our systems are pure lines and are available in different colors coordinated to the fabrics. With these endless alternatives in the collection of manufacturers of roller blinds fabrics, systems and automation, you will find the ideal solution for every need.

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Zebra Roller Blinds,

Do you feel inspired by our roller blind fabrics? For more information about our roller blinds fabric ranges which are easily handled and provide excellent sun protection. sunscreen or blackout fabric compositions sift or block the passage of light, slowing the passage of UV rays. Their fabrics are flame retardant, self-extinguishing, and non-toxic. Its aesthetic appearance is appreciated from the outside and in interior spaces.



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