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Zebra Roller Blinds

Are you thinking of buying Zebra Roller Blinds to decorate your room? Do you know how to choose the indicated color? Here we give you one of our best recommendations in Zebra Sheer Shades and we tell you what are the most used Zebra Roller Blinds fabrics and Zebra Sheer Shades fabrics to decorate your dream room.

Zebra Roller Blinds

Before deciding on a particular color, you should consider some recommendations in Zebra Roller Blinds fabrics and Zebra Sheer Shades fabrics to decorate your dream room. :

Where to put them

It is essential to know in which room you are going to place your Zebra Roller Blinds, since the light you need in a kitchen or in a living room is not the same as the one you need in a studio or in your room.

For example, for your bedroom you can choose a Zebra Sheer Shades, Zebra Roller Blinds fabrics with blackout features for greater privacy, however, for your living room a motorized Zebra Roller Blinds with excellent outward vision may be the best option.

Remember that everything depends on the room or space to decorate. Now, if what you are looking for is design and functionality, our recommendation is the Twinline Zebra Sheer Shades fabrics. Currently, in the market, there are many Zebra Roller Blinds to decorate, but none with the characteristics and style of the Twinline Zebra Sheer Shades fabrics.

This type of Zebra Sheer Shades fabrics to decorate is distinguished by its horizontal lines composed of blackout and translucent fabrics that overlap each other, resulting in avant-garde and unique design.

One of its main benefits is that you can control the light input and at the same time have the privacy that each of your rooms needs.

The Twinline Zebra Sheer Shades fabrics have a wide range of colors, as well as textures. They offer you 37 colors in 9 different collections including the Darkening Room to block the light, but if you’re wondering now, which of all the colors should I choose? Take the following into account:

Room size

Small spaces: To give a feeling of spaciousness, the ideal is to choose neutral colors such as white or beige or cold Zebra Sheer Shades fabrics. These colors create an illusion of space, so you will make your room look bigger.

Large bedrooms: If you have no problems with space, a good recommendation for this type of room is to combine the color of the Zebra Roller Blinds with that of the comforters, bedspreads or sheets, this will give harmony to the room.


The color of the walls is also a factor to consider. Try to contrast the color of the wall with that of your Zebra Roller Blinds, a lighter shade or a darker shade. The combinations that work very well if your walls are white are beige, gray, blue or even black. On the other hand, if your walls have cold or neutral Zebra Sheer Shades, Zebra Roller Blinds fabrics, the Zebra Blinds to decorate in cream, white or coffee will look great.

Furniture and accessories

All the elements of a room count, so in addition to making combinations with walls, you can combine your Zebra Roller Blinds with furniture and accessories, such as: armchairs, cushions or carpets. You decide what elements you want to highlight with your Zebra Roller Blinds to give your room a touch of color.

Decorating style

If you already have a defined decoration style, then choosing the color will be easier. For example, if your room has a rustic style, opt for brown or beige colors and add texture, however, if yours is the minimalist style, white will be your best ally, and if your decoration is more Mediterranean style, you can choose colors Earth, yellow or blue.

Shades of colors

Black and white

This combination never goes out of style, black is used to represent elegance and white peace and tranquility, but if you put them together the result is an irresistible, attractive and very harmonious combination.

If you are going to dare with new decoration, try the black and white stripes or the combination of elements with these two colors using the white wall and the black Zebra Roller Blinds and accessories. This will give your space a lot of glamors.

Vibrant colors

Do not be afraid to give life to your spaces with this range of Zebra Roller Blinds. Colors like yellow, blue, red or orange will give your home dynamism, energy and even tranquility.

If you do not want to venture too much with these Zebra Roller Blinds, you can simply give touches of color. For example, a vibrant red looks great on Zebra Roller Blinds combined with an armchair of the same tone. Dare to play with this color palette and create dream contrasts.

Neutral colors

These colors are the most used and also those that assure you an impeccable decoration. If you like simplicity and sophistication, colors such as beige, ivory, khaki or gray are the ones to use in decorating Zebra Roller Blinds, carpets, fabrics and other accessories. Do not forget to combine them with textures such as wood, natural fibers or plants to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Do you want to know more about our Zebra Roller Blinds to decorate all kinds of spaces?

We invite you to go to and visit our product catalog for a more complete experience.



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