Sunscreen roller blinds fabrics: advantages and disadvantages

Today we are going to talk about one of the most sold models of roller blinds at this time of the year: the sunscreen roller blinds. One of its main strengths with the arrival of summer is that it is a PVC sunscreen blinds fabrics, screen roller blinds fabrics that do not let heat pass, which means significant energy savings at home while ensuring a pleasant temperature in our rooms. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of sunscreen roller blinds fabrics?

sunscreen roller blinds fabrics

To begin, we will tell you that the sunscreen roller blinds fabric is a state-of-the-art fabric that has a sophisticated manufacturing process and is composed of PVC, polyester or fiberglass filaments.

It has a high resistance sunscreen roller blinds fabric and remains almost unchanged over time, hence its installation can be recommended for both outdoor and indoor environments. The screen roller blinds fabric does not deform, does not shrink, does not fray and maintains the color.

Being a microperforated fabric, the Sunscreen roller blinds fabrics allow having good outward visibility. It is also flame retardant, fire resistant and has antistatic properties that repel dust, thus preventing the accumulation of dirt.

PVC Sunscreen roller blinds fabrics

Another very important advantage is that it has to do with the maintenance of this type of blinds. It is very simple because of its high resistance to climatic changes and it will be enough to clean them with a sponge moistened in a little water with neutral soap. It can also be solved with a brush or even a stain remover if it is more important. To dry them it will be enough that they are hung in the sun, and they will not be altered.

Sunscreen roller blinds fabric has different degrees of opening depending on which it allows more or less light to pass through. It can provide between 50% and 100% more than a conventional blind and offers energy savings ranging from 25% to 34%, both air conditioning during the summer and of course heating in winter. That if it is a fabric that does not let the cold pass, either.

If we focus on the negative part of opting for the Sunscreen roller blinds fabrics (PVC coated polyester woven fabric), we can only refer to the price. It is a bit more expensive than any other fabric, especially if it has fiberglass, although, in the long run, it will be more profitable.

Another disadvantage is that if we want privacy during the night, the blind screen will not fully fulfill this function. With the light on, you will guess the silhouettes on the other side of the window. An opening of 1% will be the lowest and the one that gives us less transparency.

kitchen sunscreen roller blinds fabrics

Sunscreen Window Shades Sun Screen Shades(1%, 3%, 5%, 10% & 14%)
You can find different types of screen roller blinds that differ in their composition, fabric, degree of transparency and also in the price.

Basic Screen Sun Screen Shades(1%, 3%, 5%, 10% & 14%) medium visibility. With an opening factor of 5% and considered the most common. Its composition is 22% polyester and 78% PVC. It must have a maximum width of 180 cm and a height of 250 cm.

Roller Screen Sunscreen Mermet manufacture Medium Visibility. The composition varies with respect to the previous model. In this case, it has 29% polyester and 71% PVC. They are manufactured up to 460 cm wide and the opening varies: the 3500 has a factor of 5% and 4500 provides a little less transparency with an opening of 3%.

PVC sunscreen blinds fabrics Low Visibility. Or techno screen fabric, with minimal transparency to the outside. The lowest in this range as a 1% opening factor. They are manufactured up to 3 m wide and its composition is 30% polyester and 70% PVC.

PVC sunscreen blinds fabrics fiberglass Medium Visibility This blind model is the highest quality because of its large amount of fiberglass. 36% fiberglass and 64% PVC.

PVC sunscreen blinds fabrics Fiberglass Medium Visibility: With a composition just like the previous one, 36% fiberglass and 64% PVC, the fabric range is a bit more limited and is a bit more expensive than the previous model.

Screen RustiKa High Visibility with a perfect present to dress the most rustic environments and providing a high transparency of 10%. It is composed of PVC coated polyester.

Screen roller blinds twill

Screen roller blinds fabrics Twill Fiberglass Visibility Medium / Low The Twill is a fabric of greater weight and little transparency, of 3%. It stands out in its composition 45% fiberglass and 55% PVC

Semi-transparent (PVC sunscreen roller blinds effect). Vapor-like tissues that breathe because of their microporosity. They are the most transparent with an opening of 12% and very high visibility. 100% polyester.

fly screen roller blinds for windows Low Cost Very high visibility. High transparency of 10% and composition in 22% Polyester and 78% PVC.

PVC sunscreen roller blinds Glass Medium Visibility A different model of Screen, provided with a pearly shine and that is very well backlit. Its composition is 22% polyester and 78% PVC, with average transparency of 5%.

UNITEC Textile Decoration is a leading factory for Designing, developing and manufacturing Roller Blind FabricSunscreen Fabric, and Zebra Blinds Fabrics since 2002. Please contact our sales team via email [email protected] to learn more new design SUNSCREEN ROLLER BLINDS 1%, screen roller blinds 3%, PVC sunscreen roller blinds fabric 5% for office, Home and Shop mall.

And finally, there would be our motorized screens, with medium, low or very low visibility. The truth is that for options to choose other than, which one do you prefer?



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