This is what you should know about roller blinds kitchen

We like that the different rooms of our house look like in our dreams, however, home decoration is an arduous task that involves putting the five senses to work. In this post, we focus on the decoration of your kitchen windows and we give you the best recommendations, so you have no doubts when choosing your roller blinds kitchen.

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What roller blinds can I choose for a kitchen?

You have different options to choose from: blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds … any is a good solution to dress our windows.

So which one do I choose for myself?

That will depend on the style you are looking for.

For example, you can dress kitchens with more traditional blinds, choosing a blind with its mechanism or kitchen roller blinds like the one shown in the following photo.

roller blinds kitchen

However, we recommend that you opt for modern kitchen roller blinds.

The easy drive, its fabrics, mechanisms, and durability among other factors, make them leaders in the sector.

The types that you can find for your kitchen are: roller blinds and vertical blinds. Each of them with their own characteristics.

In the following photo you can see an example of how they look:

roller blinds kitchen
roller blinds kitchen

You have three variants, depending on the fabric: screen, blackout and translucent fabric for roller blinds kitchen.

The one we choose will depend on the needs of each one:

Screen fabric blinds

In our opinion, the kitchens with Screen fabric blinds are perfect since you can choose the degree of visibility to avoid being seen from the outside.

They also do not require cleaning, they do not let the sun’s rays pass but the light does, and the best thing is that their price is fascinating.

At Corticolors we have a large selection of Screen fabric blindss ideal for your kitchen, we recommend you take a look.

Translucent fabric blinds

Unlike the Screen, the translucent fabric is made from a resin canvas.

This not only makes it cheaper, but also allows you to give different colors to your kitchen roller blinds more easily.

For this reason, kitchens with translucent fabric blinds are the most colorful.

Blackout blinds fabric

This fabric is rarely used in kitchen roller blinds, precisely because they are opaque and their function is to prevent light from entering the rooms.

That is why our clients do not usually look for it.

To finish, we can only inform you that at UNITEC, we have the best cheap and tailored blinds fabrics, where you can compare the types of fabrics that we have discussed in this entry.

In addition, you have the possibility to configure it as you want, being able to choose the actuator or the color of the mechanism.

As always, at the end of each post, we like to remind you that in our social networks you can find more examples and tips to decorate your kitchen and other rooms in your home.



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