What’s the coating blackout fabric/translucent fabric?

Coating blackout fabric, translucent fabric introduction

Coating fabric mainly refers to the fabric based on the use of special technology coating a layer with special features of the material, so that the cloth added a special function. So coating blackout fabric also called functional coating blackout fabric and coating translucent fabric.

Technical principle

Coating blackout fabric and translucent fabric using solvents or water will be required coating colloidal particles (have pu gum, A/C glue, Pvc,pe gum). such as dissolved into a cast-like,

Then in a certain way (round net, scraper or drum) evenly coated on the cloth (with cotton, polyester, nylon and other substrates). and then through the oven temperature of the solid, so that the fabric surface to form a layer of uniform coverage of plastic material.

Main products

The current types of coating finishing are generally as follows

PA coating is also called AC adhesive coating, that is, acrylic coating, is the most common one of the most commonly used coating, after coating can increase the feel, wind, dip feeling.

PU Coating

That is, polyurethane coating, after coating the fabric feel full, elastic, the surface has a film sense.
Anti-Velvet coating Refers to the protection of down coating, after coating can prevent down running velvet, suitable for fabric down jacket.

But now the coating in any hydraulic requirements of the PA coating also known as the anti-velvet coating.

PA White Adhesive Coating

That is, the fabric surface coated with a layer of white acrylic resin, can increase the cover on the cloth, not through color, and make the color of the cloth more vivid

PU White Adhesive Coating

That is, the fabric surface coating a layer of white polyurethane resin, the role of the basic with PA white gum, but the PU white glue after the feel fuller, fabric more elastic, fastness better.

PA Silver Rubber Coating

That is, the fabric surface coating a silver-white glue, so that the fabric has shading, radiation-proof function, generally used for curtains, tents, clothing.

PU Silver Rubber Coating Basic skills with PA silver adhesive coating.

But Pu coated silver fabric with better elasticity, better fastness, for tents and other requirements of high water pressure fabrics, PU-coated silver relative to PA silver better.
Pearlescent coating Through the surface of the fabric pearlescent coating, so that the fabric surface with pearl-like luster, silver and color. It is very beautiful to make fabrics.

There are also PA pearlescent and Pu pearlescent points, Pu pearlescent than PA pearlescent more flat and bright, membrane sense better, more “pearl skin film” laudatory name.

Flame Retardant Coating

Is the use of flame retardant coating in the ordinary fabric or cotton flame retardant fabric surface coating treatment to achieve a certain degree of flame retardant effect and waterproof effect.
Application areas Coated fabrics are widely used in sportswear, down jacket rain-proof parker, coats, tents, footwear, curtains, bags and advanced waterproof and breathable function of ski shirts, mountaineering suits, windbreaker and so on. can also be applied to national defense, navigation, fishing, offshore wells, transportation and other fields.


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