The Difference Between Blockout Roller Blinds, Roller screen Blinds And Translucent Blinds

When decorating the home, people strive to choose the color of the walls and furniture, but often forget a basic element: roller blinds. If you want to control the entry of sunlight into your home, there are two options: Blockout roller blinds And Roller Screen Blinds. So, you should know the differences between Blockout Roller Blinds And Roller Screen Blinds.

roller screen blinds

Roller Screen Blinds

Sunlight is very important for humans, but an excessive amount in your home could damage your furniture, floors and even your skin. UV radiation increases the temperature of your home making it hotter.

However, UNITEC Textile Decoration Blockout Roller Blinds And Roller Screen Blinds absorb these harmful rays allowing a perfect and relaxing amount of sunlight to enter your home. This will return the most comfortable and relaxing environments.

Also, with Roller Screen Blinds you can enjoy sunlight in your home without it being too uncomfortable. Although the Blockout Roller Blinds And Roller Screen Blinds filter the entry of light, you can see and see the exterior of your house thanks to the different opacity percentages it has.

Roller Screen Blinds Benefits:

Save energy

If you dare to buy Blockout Roller Blinds or Roller Screen Blinds, you will no longer have to use the air conditioner so often. The temperature of your house will remain cool and the sun’s rays will no longer enter when it’s hot. Similarly, by using less air conditioning, you will save more energy.

For these reasons, Blockout Roller Blinds And Roller Screen Blinds are the best solutions to protect your home from bright sunlight and reduce your energy consumption.

Decrease the temperature of your home

These roller blinds not only block the glare, but also absorb heat from the sun’s rays. In this way, your home will not be affected by the weather outside. If you don’t want a completely dark room, you can adjust the level of opacity of the curtains and enjoy the view outside.

Contemporary style

In addition to their functionality, these Blockout Roller Blinds And Roller Screen Blinds improve the appearance of your room. Also, they add a touch of elegance to the decoration of your home. They are the perfect replacement for your old curtains and blinds. Thus, you will get a sophisticated style for your living room.

Blackouts or room darkening blinds, in addition to their functionality, give aesthetics and elegance to spaces and improve the appearance of rooms and different environments. Another of its characteristics is that they do not have visible perforations, because their drive cords descend through the interior of the fabric.

You can control privacy and light

Privacy is a matter of concern on the part of people who have large screens, balconies or windows in their homes. This type of modern Blockout Roller Blinds And Roller Screen Blinds are the best alternatives to get privacy and light.

If you dare to install them, neighbors or strangers will no longer see the inside of your house. Similarly, the different textures of the fabric allow different levels of light filter to be achieved.

roller screen blinds

Blockout Roller Blinds

Darkness is an important factor regarding the quality of sleep and sleep is essential for your health. An uninterrupted dream results in a healthy lifestyle. However, for people who work at night and sleep during the day or work from home, the sun’s glare can cause them discomfort.

UNITEC Textile Decoration solves this problem by introducing Blockout Roller Blinds. These blockout blinds block all the sunlight making your room darker and perfect for you to sleep well, even during the day.

These window covers not only obscure the environments, but also lower the temperature, creating a relaxing environment for you to sleep, work or study.

Blockout Roller Blinds Benefits

Provide total darkness

These blackout roller blinds completely block UV radiation and make your room a completely dark environment. You can sleep, work or study without the weather outside causing you inconvenience. Also, they prevent annoying outside noises from entering and disturbing your rest or concentration.

Save energy

Because they keep your home temperature cool, you won’t have to use the air conditioner so much. As a result, you will reduce energy consumption. This is an eco-friendly solution to protect your home from strong weather conditions and help the planet.

Offer more privacy

These are the best window blinds that exist in the market. Who does not want privacy? A Blockout Roller Blinds And Roller Screen Blinds is not the same as a blackout curtain, since the latter blocks light and visibility, giving you more privacy. Thus, you can enjoy your meetings with peace of mind without the people who pass through the street or your neighbors see you.

Now, it is clear that roller blinds and blackout curtains are different. Your choice depends on your needs and preferences. If you want your room to be completely dark, opt for blockout roller blinds. On the contrary, if you want your environments to be brighter, choose the blockout roller blinds that are rolled up.

At UNITEC Textile Decoration, we offer you a wide variety of fabrics for Blockout Roller Blinds And Roller Screen Blinds and awnings. If you wish to acquire or consult the information about the roller blinds fabric we have, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.



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