Solar screen blinds fabrics, the new generation of blinds

solar screen blinds fabrics

Solar screen blinds fabrics is a technical fabric with excellent properties for sun protection, made of fiberglass and PVC, or Polyester and PVC, it has several types of the weave of the fabric where it varies from 10% openness which would be the biggest step in light to 1% openness and complete blackout fabric.

solar screen blinds fabrics

The solar screen blinds fabrics has another very important property since it protects us from UV rays, thus protecting them from wear and tear on furniture, floors, etc., and saving energy since it regulates heat more effectively than any other type of curtains and blinds. Another very important characteristic of this fabric is that it does not need maintenance, since it is cleaned with a damp cloth, with a little water and neutral soap.

Solar screen blinds fabrics also have the characteristic of Fireproof fabric, a fundamental characteristic for the installation of large surfaces, public spaces, schools, offices, etc. In short, an exceptional fabric for the manufacture of roller blinds, vertical blinds slats, and Japanese panels.

Solar screen blinds fabrics Inspire model made of PVC and polyester with beige finish in a false design ideal for screening light entering through windows. It incorporates a round counterweight with fabric slipped on the tube, ideal for easy trimming and preventing the fiberglass bar from being seen, without the need for a drawer. It is placed on the wall or ceiling with perforation.

Thanks to this simple and decorative element, you will be able to regulate the amount of light that enters the rooms, protecting the interior of your home from UV rays and saving on energy consumption both in winter and summer by working as an insulator. The solar screen blinds fabrics are equipped with child safety to prevent the blind from jumping over if handled by the smallest of the house.

solar screen blinds fabrics

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