Roller shade blinds, the most versatile way to dress the windows

People use roller shade blinds, Night and day roller blinds and solar screen shade to dress the windows have traditionally been associated with workspaces, offices or professional centers. But its application in the home is increasingly frequent due to its versatility and the expansion of window shade blinds fabrics and roller shade blinds fabric finishes, which have managed to adapt these elements to the needs of the different rooms of the house.

Roller shade blinds

The operation of these roller shade blinds is quite simple, the Roller shade blinds fabric is wound in a vertical tube by operating a simple mechanism (through a rope) or even by motorization. In this way, the Roller shade blinds fabric covers the window to the height we want, allowing more or less light to pass depending on our needs.

Although its mechanics has undergone few changes over time, the range of fabrics with which they are manufactured has expanded considerably in recent years, which has directly influenced the extent of its application to the domestic sphere.

To the technical Roller shade blinds fabric roller panels (the one we know as ‘screen’, which stands out for its insulating capacity), there are other options with different genres that offer alternative decorative solutions for different spaces: living room, kitchen, bedrooms … They are only manufactured with fiberglass coated (the famous ‘screen’), but now we also find translucent, opaque, patterned or plain blinds, ‘package’ or night and day of materials such as linen, burlap fabric, false silks and other genres with different patterns and textures.

Night and day roller blinds
At this point, the night and day roller blinds come into play, one of the most versatile options we find in the market. They are named for their clothing, which uses two different aligned fabrics that are distributed in parallel bands to graduate the passage of light to the room.

One of the fabrics blocks the light and the other is translucent or semi-transparent so that when activating the mechanism we move the opaque fabric with the rope to cover or leave the translucent tissue free. We managed to graduate the entrance of luminosity to create more or less intimate environments.

The weave and texture of that opaque Roller shade blinds fabric will determine the decorative style of the blind, and the repertoire of roller blind fabrics is so wide that we will always find an option that suits any dependency. For the kitchen, we can opt for the classic ‘screen’, which stands out for its ease of cleaning and maintenance, in addition to maintaining a more minimalist decorative line. For large rooms or with large windows, the combination of plain roller curtains with classic side curtains works very well. And for children’s bedrooms, we can introduce a textured color note in the busiest fabric bands.

Why you should choose UNITEC Textile Decoration Co.,Ltd to be your supplier of roller shade blinds fabrics, sunscreen fabrics, night and day roller blinds, window shade blinds fabrics supplier? Because UNITEC is a professional design, developer and manufacturer for window shade blinds fabrics, From Yarns to Weave, and Dyeing to Coating, we can control the whole production process.

The decorative possibilities of roller shades and blinds are very numerous and the game with the graduation of light, color, pattern, fabric and its combination with other textiles and ornamental elements will allow you to enhance space and the feeling of spaciousness or create environments Warm and intimate.



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