Buying blinds online: frequently asked questions

Buying blinds online has never been so easy. At UNITECThe leading manufacturer for window blinds fabrics, we help you find the models of the blinds you are looking for to give your home or business a touch of class and privacy without having to go to a physical store.

It is likely that you have never bought blinds or curtains online and, therefore, you have some doubts and reluctance. If this is your case, today we are going to answer 4 of the most common questions about buying blinds online among our clients so that you can launch yourself into the adventure today and place your order.

How can I find out the blind size I need?

This is, without a doubt, the star question among buyers. Roughly, what you should do is take the measurements of both the width and height of the window or door you want to cover, including the upper part in the case of those that reach the ceiling. The support and fabrics are included in the measurements of the blinds, which will have different lengths depending on the chosen system. From UNITEC – The leading manufacturer for window blinds fabrics, we help you take measurements in our measurement guide videos.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We guarantee shipments within 48 hours on working days, in standard models and whenever conditions are favorable. The most recommended if you want to know with certainty when your blinds will arrive is that you contact us indicating your population and order.

Buying blinds online of Custom or standard?

In the first case, you can choose in detail the dimensions you want. In the second, instead, they are already predetermined and you must choose those that fit with your windows and/or doors. The choice of one model or another will depend on your personal needs and preferences.

Attention! Keep in mind:

Do not buy blinds online to measure and standard to put in the same room, because the design of the mechanism and the terminal is different, and the difference between both models would be noticed even if the fabric is the same.

There are colors that are only available in custom blinds and others that are only used in standard models. Before deciding on fabric from the stock section, consider if your window fits the established measurements.

The roller blinds, folding blinds, and the aluminum Venetian blinds from the blind section in stock (standard sizes) carry the chain to the right. We recommend that you keep this in mind before buying curtains online in this section.

Is buying blinds online secure?

Entering personal data on the network does not please everyone. At Corticolors we protect our clients, and we do so using an SSL system that guarantees maximum confidentiality for users and their personal and financial data. Your purchase, then, is 100% secure.

Have we resolved your doubts? If you still have more questions about how to buy blinds online? you just have to contact us either through the contact form that you will find on our website.



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