5 tips for buying custom blinds and shades

Do we always wonder why dressing in our house so expensive? Surely you have asked yourself this question once, especially when you are looking for custom blinds and shades.

5 tips for buying custom blinds and shades, UNITEC is a manufacturer of blinds fabrics

To lower costs, many of us turn to standard measures, thinking that this way the custom blinds and shades will be cheaper. This is not true, and even more so now with the online custom blinds and shades stores.

The truth is that if we need a blinds of 80 cm wide, we are not obliged to buy a 120 cm blind because it is the standard average. If we do it this way, the shopping cart will be higher than if we buy the custom blinds and shades.

Buy cheap custom blinds and shades

The custom roller blinds allow us to choose both the width and length of the blind. A blind for a small window is not the same as for a door.

Therefore, the first thing we have to do is know where the blinds will be placed and measure correctly. To measure the width of the blind, we recommend leaving between 7 and 10 cm on each side. In this way the aluminum frame is covered, however, it will have to be taken into account if we have a blind handle. Do we want to cover it? If yes, we should see if the recommended measures are sufficient or we need to give more centimeters.

Another tip to buy custom blinds and shades online is to measure the length correctly. For this, we have to take into account if we want the blind to the ceiling or wall since the measure changes. If you want the blind to ceiling, it is very simple, we just have to measure from ceiling to floor. Keep in mind the skirting since when lowering the blind it can collide with it and not lower completely. The solution is, at the time of installation, to separate it a little from the wall.

If the custom blinds and shades go on the wall, we have to leave 10 cm above the blind drawer and as long as desired. It depends on whether you want to the floor or it is half a window and underneath there is a piece of furniture.



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