7 tips for choosing kitchen window blinds

There is no doubt that the kitchen of a home has magic. Or maybe not. The point is to try to have it. But for this, it is necessary that it be decorated with the best accessories, including window blinds. In the kitchen is where the soul of the house is seen. And kitchen window blinds play an important role in the home and the kitchen window blinds fabrics play an important role in the kitchen. Please see below the kitchen blinds ideas.

Like every corner of your home, the kitchen should carry your stamp in terms of style and personality so that you feel comfortable in it. It is important to control the details. They are the ones who make the difference and those who turn your environments into magazine covers.

It is not the same to look for kitchen window blinds for modern kitchens than for rustic kitchens. The blinds should favor lighting in addition to providing other functions such as the merely aesthetic. Discover below, the most important aspects to consider when choosing blinds for the kitchen.

kitchen window blinds

7 ideas to choose kitchen window blinds

Ideally, the kitchen window blinds are functional by regulating the lighting while maintaining privacy, complementing the decoration, being hygienic and not being of poor quality materials.

A very common mistake is to look for cheap kitchen window blinds forgetting if they are of quality or not. If it is good and also cheap ideal, but above all look for quality in the kitchen window blinds fabrics. As well as in the complements. It does not give more anger that a mechanism is hooked within a few weeks of installing it.

If you choose quality over time you only need to change the kitchen window blinds fabric. This way you will be saving money. Also against less natural light the less electricity we will spend. Some studies speak that only in the kitchen can you save up to 60 euros a year.

Let’s review some tips to keep in mind before choosing the kitchen window blinds for your kitchen.

1. Choose the blinds according to the size of the kitchen

The size of the kitchen is essential to choose the tones and shapes. For example, in the case of blinds for small kitchens, it is recommended to choose light colors that do not contain folds or large amounts of fabric that take up a lot of space. They must provide a visual effect of amplitude.

On the other hand, if you need blinds for large kitchens you can play with heights, folds and accessories. Similarly, it is recommended that the fabrics be easy to clean to keep the places perfectly clean. A large and difficult to clean blinds can be a mistake. It is the place that gets dirtiest.

2. Window size and lighting

The shapes and size of the window, as well as the light passing through them, is an important factor. If you do not want great lighting, opt for blinds in opaque colors and fabrics that capture the exterior light. If you are one of those who like ventilation and natural light, choose those that can be easily picked up or folded.

3. Aesthetics and functionality

The aesthetic is related to the kitchen decoration. If you have appliances or furniture of certain colors, as well as walls in certain tones, look for fabrics that establish a pleasant contrast. This option is sharpened when you have a vintage or classic elements. The idea is to keep the environments in harmony.

Regarding functionality, it should be noted that the kitchen is an environment exposed to stains and dirt. Therefore, a functional kitchen blinds is one that when washed or cleaned easily disappears any trace of grease or smoke. It can be complemented with easy-to-clean installation accessories for greater hygiene.

4. Fabrics for kitchen window blinds must be resistant to use

The fabrics with which the kitchen window blinds are made should not be the same as those of the rest of the house. They are usually made of a fabric resistant to steam, smoke, grease, moisture, among other things.

They must also be anti-stain, washable and allow the ventilation of the spaces. Among the most recommended fabrics are polyester or flame retardant fabrics such as fiberglass.

5. Kitchen accessories, important

Textures, designs and colors of the Kitchen window blinds fabrics must be in harmony with the rest of the accessories. An example is minimalist styles, where simplicity, elegance and modernity are provided. To do this, use white or dark shades with subtle touches of colors, if you wish. Thus you will get elegant blinds for any modern kitchen.

If, on the other hand, you bet on a style full of color, the most wanted designs and kitchen blinds ideas are:

Fruit motives: These are the most sought after designs in traditional kitchens. Just keep in mind not to reload the space.

Pictures and/or watches: They are also widely used in kitchens, especially in country styles. Without abusing they can look good.

kitchen window blinds fabrics Side style: It is that composed of a horizontal panel and two vertical panels, designed to prevent heat accumulation in the area.

Blinds in rustic styles: The blinds are considered an ideal alternative, because it allows the entry of lighting and ventilation into the kitchen.

6. Kitchen window blinds size

The size of the kitchen window blinds will depend on the space you have available. In small areas, it should be small blinds that cover the window. In wide places, the possibilities extend and allow them to play with a variety of designs and striking styles. In any case, the idea is the same, look for functionality, hygiene and comfort.

7. kitchen window blinds fabrics – Your personal seal and kitchen blinds ideas

It is interesting to know the recommendations of the experts. Of course, in tastes and styles and kitchen blinds ideas, nobody can impose their ideas. Original Kitchen window blinds there are many and varied. You can really choose the image you want, thanks to digital printing. Our advice is that you let yourself be advised by experts, but try to make the kitchen yours.

In conclusion, both Kitchen window blinds fabrics and blinds for the kitchen are a perfect complement to the decoration of this much-appreciated place in the home. And how do you like Kitchen window blinds in the kitchen?

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