Black Out Blinds Fabric Safety Standards

The black out blinds fabric of roller blinds are subject to strict safety standards that range from their elaboration to their commercialization and arrival to the final consumer. That is why at UNITEC – the leading Manufacturer black out Blinds Fabrics, as part of our family tradition, we want to talk to you and all our potentials about 3 of the most important rules that must be taken into account and that you choose us or another provider, you must request that this will tell you if the black out blinds fabric you use to meet at least these three safety standards.

Black Out Blinds Fabric

1. Toxicity Control.

The GREENWARD Environmental Institute is an independent industry organization that aims to protect human health and improve living conditions through improved indoor air quality and reduce people’s exposure to chemicals and other pollutants. As an ISO-IEC Guide 65: 1996 standard, the Institute is accredited and, in addition, the Greenward Environmental Institute certifies products and materials with low chemical emissions and serves as a public resource for choosing the healthiest products and materials of the black out blinds fabric for indoor environments.

The UL GREENGUARD certification program requires that the products undergo independent scientific testing and guarantees the permanent monitoring of the black out blinds fabric chemical emissions. Only products that meet the strict emission standards of the UL Environment (Underwriter Laboratories) are those that qualify for approval and certification. These standards are based on the criteria established by the main public health organizations, following the premises of health and safety, environment and global sustainability.

2. Protection of the environment

In order to preserve and protect the environment, companies engaged in the manufacture of black out blinds fabric must have certificates that guarantee them as low carbon emitters, and the materials used must be recyclable in some way. In order to guarantee these concepts, the verification bodies of the international Oeko Tex community are responsible for carrying out toxic substances analysis of the textile products to be marketed. Through the Oeko-Tex criteria catalog, there is for the first time a scientifically elaborated standard that analyzes possible problematic substances in textile products, from the elaboration of the raw material of roller blinds to the delivery of the finished roller blinds product in workshops and businesses for sale to the public.

3. Fireproof black out blinds fabric

Roller blinds fabrics must comply with NFPA 701 (National Fire Protection Association) which certifies that black out blinds fabric has been tested for resistance to fire and their spread. In some cases, these blinds fabrics are treated with very hard flammable cellulosic fiber thanks to the incorporation in their components of a halogen-free flame retardant.

Black Out Blinds Fabric
Black Out Blinds Fabric
Black Out Blinds Fabric
Jacquard Blackout blinds Fabric

As you see, these 3 rules are extremely important when buying any Blackout Roller Blinds. If you have not been answered about these, we advise you not to buy where you were quoting. If you want to know more details, we have a whole technical team that can advise you to choose the best roller blackout blinds. And if you want to quote with us … Simple, Send an email to UNITEC, The leading supplier and Manufacturer black out Blinds Fabrics [email protected].



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