Plain Blackout Shades Blackout roller blind fabric cut to size URB8114 UNITEC

The Vitra fabric URB8114 is a newly designed color Plain Blackout Shades Blackout Blinds Fabric. And it is made of the latest high-quality raw materials. The yarn is imported from South Korea and the coating slurry is imported from Australia. The high-performance fibres used for these materials range high strength polymer fibres, and even some selected high strength natural fibres. So the surface of the fabric is very smooth and the color is very bright. At the same time, the backing of the fabric is also coated with color foam. So this fabric is commonly used in bedrooms and spaces where absolute darkness is required, such as the living room, office, shopping mall, etc.

This Blackout Shades Blackout Blinds fabric can be used for roller blinds, vertical blinds, panel blinds, and has good quality performance. The fabric has below features:

Blackout Shades Blackout Blinds Fabric
Plain Blackout Fabric URB8114 UNITEC

So what makes a good blackout blind fabric?

You need to check its thickness, hand feeling. Blackout Shades Blackout Blinds Fabric is typically two-ply and sometimes you’ll find the fabric that is even four-ply. This is a technical way of saying layers. The more layers a piece of blind fabric has, the less chance you’ll ever have of finding a pin-prick hole casting a tranquillity-shattering laser-beam of sunlight through the fabric’s weave. Fortunately, UNITEC is a leading manufacturer of roller blinds fabrics especially blackout roller blinds fabrics. So this fabric was made 6 layers. There are two layers on the front side ad four layers on the backing side.

Regarding the Blackout Shades Blackout Blinds Fabric Colours, The customized colours are available, We have already produced 30 colours at present. You can just send a Pantone Colour number, we will provide a colour match sample.

For the Quality Warranty:

This Blackout Shades Blackout Blinds Fabric fabric has 5 years quality warranty. When you place the order, the pre-production samples will be sent to you for approval before mass production. After completing the mass production, You will get the finished production samples before loading the container.

And now, we have a special offer for this colour URB8114. Please refer to the colours photos and please leave us a message to get more detailed information and pricing. You can send your requirements to our sales department’s email [email protected]



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