What’s the total blackout blinds and fabrics?

Total blackout blinds Fabrics Features

Total blackout blinds fabrics for their attributes are ideal for spaces where you want to block the excessive passage of sunlight and maintain privacy in your windows. The colors and textures of our Total blackout blinds fabric allow you to create a warm and harmonized environment, as natural as the exterior. Controlling the passage of light is not always equal to darkness.

total blackout blinds

Excessive sunlight often shines through east or west-facing windows, making these rooms subject to the sun at its hottest point of the day. The glare coming from the sun in these windows increases the room’s temperature and can make activities like reading or watching television a challenge. You don’t have to block out the sun to remove this glare. There are several ways you can reduce sun glare while allowing natural light into your home. They are very durable blinds due to the imported manufacturing raw material that we handle, with special fabrics that by their technology have fire retardant and anti-fungal characteristics.

Recommended Environments for total blackout blinds fabrics

The total blackout blinds fabrics combine a simple style following the design lines in all your spaces you can decorate, boardrooms, roof gardens, event rooms, Kitchen room, bedrooms, projection rooms, among others.

Colors, Textures and Fabrics

In our catalog of blackout blinds fabrics and curtains, you will find the best blinds fabrics, colors and textures of fabrics as well as in the plasticized finish, which will make you create a comfortable and elegant interior and exterior environment.

Manual or Motorized Systems

All our customer’s total blackout blinds and blackout home deep roller blinds, are custom made and can be manual or motorized automatically, Our customers also install with a battery system that does not require electrical outlets and thus enjoy the comfort of wireless remote control.

Duo Systems (Day and Night)

Total blackout blinds can be combined with a double Duo system (day and night) to have greater control of the sun’s rays, protecting all your furniture and work areas.

The blackout or translucent roller blinds fabrics are ideal for places where you want to have a natural light management, because the main function of this style of total blackout blinds fabric is to block the entry of sunlight, either through one of our blackout blinds fabrics or translucent blinds fabric, set your spaces in a natural way with the flashes of sunlight and give your spaces an exceptional touch.



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