How to clean blinds?

We focus so much on cleaning floors, furniture, shelves … that sometimes we forget – or leave it for later – another more discreet but basic decorative element in home decoration and maintenance: blinds. These curtains, whether roman blinds or roller blinds, require periodic cleaning appropriate to their characteristics and their material, to look like the first day at all times. Beyond being key for them to show their best side in the decoration set, taking care of the blind helps to extend its life and usefulness. So how to clean the blinds? We will give you some ideas below:

How to clean screen blinds?

how to clean blinds

The main advantage of Screen blinds is that they hold up very well and are very durable. How to clean screen blinds? The best way to clean these blinds is to vacuum frequently to remove dust and prevent it from accumulating on the fabric.

To clean these blinds in a deep way, you can rub them with a damp cloth and water with a little soap.

The most important thing is to avoid hot water, and under no circumstances put it in the washing machine.

How to clean blackout blinds?

Blackout blinds can be made of various fabrics and depending on the fabric of your blind it will be cleaned in one way or another.

Eclipse Black Out blinds can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, and if you want to do a more thorough cleaning you can use a damp cloth with soapy water.

To clean Orient Black Out, UNITEC Vitra blackout, and Linen blackout blinds, cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth is recommended, without using soap or water. They are usually made of PVC, polyester, or fiberglass, materials that can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The most advisable thing is that this type of curtain is completely collected to begin hygiene by the rolled part of the tube. Then, we lower a piece of fabric to treat the new area that appears and, thus, we repeat the operation until the blind is fully unfolded and, therefore, completely clean at the back. It is best to use a duster or a dry cloth.

How to clean decorative blinds?

Our decorative blinds are made up of more delicate fabric combinations than other blinds. Therefore, it is not advisable to use products such as soaps or to moisten them. The best option to clean these blinds is to pass the vacuum cleaner regularly, in this way we will avoid the accumulation of dust and they will remain as new.

How to clean vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds can be made of various fabrics.

How to clean vertical screen blinds?

The vertical curtains of Screen fabric are made of PVC and polyester, so they allow more cleaning possibilities due to the fact that these technical fabrics are more resistant. You can clean them with a vacuum cleaner, with a cloth dampened in soapy water.

You can remove the slats to rest them on a surface and apply more force with the cloth.

How to clean vertical blinds from other fabrics?

If your vertical curtains are made up of other more delicate decorative fabrics, you can clean them with a duster, vacuum, or a cloth.

Clean roman blinds

Depending on the fabric of your folding blinds, you will have to wash them in different ways.

For most textiles, you can remove them from the upper velcro and they can be machine washed at low temperature and ironed in the normal way.

For other more delicate fabrics, it is best to avoid the washing machine as the fabric can deteriorate. On the contrary, use the vacuum cleaner, duster, or damp cloth with soap.

They are presented with other types of materials that often allow cleaning by hand or with a washing machine. In the latter case, the idea is to use a program for delicate garments or at a maximum temperature of 30º. The ideal is to dry them stretched so that they do not have wrinkles. If it is a folding blind with rods that can be put in the washing machine, remember to take them out before putting them in the machine and wait until the fabric is completely dry to put them back in (if it is wet it can rust them). Then you can hang them. Normally, the own weight of the rods makes them unwrinkled without the need for ironing.

How to clean panel track blinds?

To properly clean Japanese panels you can separate the fabrics for greater comfort. Most fabrics can be cleaned by vacuuming or using a cloth dampened with soap and water. If the fabrics are Screen, do not put them in the washing machine as they will spoil.

If the fabric is delicate, you should only use the vacuum cleaner and avoid water or cleaning products.

Clean Venetian blinds

how to clean blinds

Wooden venetian blinds

These types of blinds accumulate a lot of powder if they are not cleaned on a recurring basis. To clean them you can use a cloth or cloth, duster, or cleaning glove to clean the slats one by one.

You should clean them on both sides to make them look good. Keep in mind that if you use a cleaning product you should not apply it directly to the wood as it could deteriorate.

Aluminum Venetian blinds

Like the wooden ones, you can clean them with a duster, glove, or damp cloth. The cloth should be well wrung out and the best option is to dry each plank afterward one by one so that there are no drip marks.

In any case, always consult the manufacturer’s instructions for your curtain to wash the blind in an ideal way. Remember that UNITEC Polyscreen fabric curtains are characterized by their easy cleaning and maintenance. On the one hand, they can be cleaned with a sponge and soap and, on the other, they have a spinning pattern that makes it difficult for dirt to adhere. Hence, this fabric is especially advisable for curtains installed in humid spaces or with emissions of fats and fumes.

Do not hesitate to contact UNITEC Blinds for any questions about our type of products, installation or decorative tips.

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