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Style 3% Openness 5% Openness
Composition 30% Polyester & 70% PVC 30% Polyester & 70% PVC
Thickness 0.037 inch ±5% (0.94mm±5%) 0.036 inch ±5% (0.91mm±5%)
Weight 22.06 oz/m2 ±5%
(750 g/m2±5%)
19.12 oz/m2 ±5%
(650 g/m2±5%)
Width 79'' (2m), 98'' (2.5m),
118'' (3m), 126'' (3.2m)
79'' (2m), 98'' (2.5m),
118'' (3m), 126'' (3.2m)
Breaking Strength(N) Warp≥2600, Warp≥2500 Warp≥2600, Warp≥2500
Tear Strength(N) Warp≥60, Warp≥60 Warp≥60, Warp≥60
Color Fastness Grade 8
(ISO105 B02:2014)
Grade 8
(ISO105 B02:2014)
Fire Classification NFPA701-2015 TM#1 NFPA701-2015 TM#1
Quality Warranty 5 Years 5 Years

zip screen

Zip Screen Blinds are an ideal option for areas exposed to strong wind currents, both for doors, windows, terraces, and balconies. At the same time, Zip screens blinds fabric not only plays a role in wind protection. It is also an ideal choice for outdoor shading.

What’s the zip screen blinds?

Zip screen is the roller blinds with side guides made with a zipper system. The function of the zipper is to hold the blinds on the guides to be able to withstand high winds.

In addition, Another function of the zipper is to prevent the entry of light through it.

For that reason, the zip screen fabric is thermo-welded to a zipper that slides vertically inside the side guides, hermetically sealing the area where the system was installed.

Moreover, It represents an efficient and modern option that complements the design and architecture of your spaces at all times while protecting them from solar radiation, water, and other external agents.

What’s the zip screen fabric?

zip screen

The zip screen fabric is made of 30% Polyester coated 70% PVC with 2 x 2 weave mesh.

The exterior screen fabric has below features:

  • Waterproof
  • Fire-retardant
  • Anti-UV
  • Bacterial & Fungal Resistance
  • Oeko-tex Standard 100 Class 2

The Specification of zip screens fabric:

Style3% Openness5% Openness
Composition30% Polyester & 70% PVC30% Polyester & 70% PVC
Thickness0.037 inch ±5% (0.94mm±5%)0.036 inch ±5% (0.91mm±5%)
Weight22.06 oz/m2 ±5%
(750 g/m2±5%)
19.12 oz/m2 ±5%
(650 g/m2±5%)
Width79” (2m), 98” (2.5m),
118” (3m), 126” (3.2m)
79” (2m), 98” (2.5m),
118” (3m), 126” (3.2m)
Breaking Strength(N)Warp≥2600, Warp≥2500Warp≥2600, Warp≥2500
Tear Strength(N)Warp≥60, Warp≥60Warp≥60, Warp≥60
Color FastnessGrade 8
(ISO105 B02:2014)
Grade 8
(ISO105 B02:2014)
Fire ClassificationNFPA701-2015 TM#1NFPA701-2015 TM#1
Quality Warranty5 Years5 Years

The color collection of exterior screen fabric:

The Color of fabric can be customized according to requirements.

Why should you choose UNITEC as your zip screen fabric supplier?

UNITEC is a well-known brand specialized in design, manufacturing, and sales of a wide range of roller blinds fabrics, interior sunscreen fabrics, exterior zip screen fabric, and zebra blinds fabrics since 2002.

UNITEC has passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality system and Abundant experience in the luxury market of Europe, America, and Australia, and our blinds fabrics have been certified by the SGS, INTERTEK, Oeko-tex, and so on, So you can rest assured about quality.

We provided the latest technology and equipment that allow us to offer our customers the best products, UNITEC is a one-stop window blind fabrics and zip screens fabrics solution provider for global customers.

The quality systems of UNITEC:

What we inspect before loading?

zip screen
  1. Quantity: We check the quantity of the whole order and do a random inspection of the quantity of the rolls.
  2. Packing: We check whether the packaging is intact or not.
  3. Labels: We check whether the labels are intact or not.
  4. Measurement and function: We measure the width, quantity of the roll, and so on.
  5. Color: We use the spectrometer to check the colors.
  6. Blackout performance: We use the strong light to test the blackout performance.
  7. Flatness: We check the flatness of the fabrics on the long table.
  8. Skew and cupping/curling: We make a finished blind to test the skew and cupping performance.


Inspection Report:

1. Quantity ■Passed          □ Failed            □ N/A           □ Client’s decision
2. Packing ■Passed          □ Failed            □ N/A           □ Client’s decision
3. Labeling ■Passed          □ Failed            □ N/A           □ Client’s decision
4. Style, material, color, Artwork ■Passed          □ Failed            □ N/A           □ Client’s decision
5. Workmanship ■Passed          □ Failed            □ N/A           □ Client’s decision
6. Measurement, function ■Passed          □ Failed            □ N/A           □ Client’s decision
7. Test/ Test report ■Passed          □ Failed            □ N/A           □ Client’s decision
8. Cleanliness on site ■Passed          □ Failed            □ N/A           □ Client’s decision


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