How to choose the curtains? Let the curtains become a highlight!

Curtains are a master in creating a home atmosphere and the most charming wizard. So, how to choose the curtains?

How to choose the curtains

Choosing the right curtains can not only turn home life into romantic enjoyment, but it can also enhance the temperament of the whole house, make you say goodbye to the rustic and boring, and make the drab space instantly snappy. Today they are one more element that serves to decorate every room in your home, an accessory to get the most out of each window. Here are three tips to help you choose the most suitable style for your home.

But when choosing curtains, we cannot patronize the appearance and ignore their actual function.

Curtains are not only diverse in fabrics, but also in different shapes and styles. Different curtains can create different scenarios.

Curtains are not only a functional element, but they also play a very important decorative role in your home. Their shape, design, style, and especially the color, can transform them into the perfect complement, and even into the true protagonists of a space.

So if you are about to buy or change your old curtains, keep reading, because in this post we will give you some tips to choose the color of the curtains and that it is in perfect combination with your walls.

How to choose the curtains

Before deciding on a type of curtain, think about the function of the room, how much light you want to enter through the window, and how much privacy you need in that space. Also, pay attention to the view you have in front of the window and decide if you prefer to camouflage it (without blocking the light) or use a type of curtain that serves to frame and enhance it. So how can you find a curtain that best suits your home among all types of curtains? How to choose the curtains? What are the tips for buying curtains? Today, I will lead everyone to find the answer.

01, How to choose the curtains? white yarn + gray curtain

How to choose the curtains

If there is a wild choice, it is white yarn + gray curtain.

Generally, home curtains are made from a layer of fabric and a layer of voile. Of course, it depends on the surrounding environment and the use of your home. For example, a high-rise living room has no privacy concerns. As long as a layer of white gauze is sufficient for the living room, you can choose the one that transmits light without projection. If you are on a low-rise floor by the road, you still need to add a layer of fabric, otherwise, it will be inconvenient for passersby to see your house clearly at night.

This combination of white yarn + gray fabric can basically contain any style of decoration and color combination.

02, How to choose the curtains? Pure colors don’t need patterns

If it’s a curtain shop in a third-tier city, then buying guides basically like to recommend fancy curtains, all kinds of patterns, patterns, and tassels, and even threads will recommend patterns too …

Don’t go for fancy fabrics, just go for solid color fabrics. The more elements there are in a house, the easier it will be to spoil it. This principle is the same for all types of soft furniture, including bedding, and do not choose extravagant designs. Even if it is a wedding hall, just change the big red dragon and phoenix bedspread during the time of the marriage, which is usually unnecessary.

How to choose the curtains

03, How to choose the curtains? color echo

That is a solid color curtain, you still have to choose a color, right, are there any other options besides gray? There are several books and various theoretical knowledge about the color combination.

I think the easiest color matching theory to learn is to divide the house colors into background color, main function, matching function, and trim color. The proportion of consumption decreases successively.

The background colors are wall, tabletop and floor, basically white, wood and light Morandi colors.

The protagonist is the furniture with the largest visual area in the space, such as the sofa in the living room, the bed in the bedroom, the furniture, etc .; the supporting role is the smallest visual area, such as the living room cafe. table, bedside table, or dresser in the bedroom, the ornament color is a positive and small surface, such as vases, decorations, etc.

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