How to install blinds or curtains for free?

Although it is increasingly common to buy blinds or curtains in specialized online stores, the ‘fear’ of not knowing how to place these products is still one of the great obstacles when deciding to buy them from home. Discover in this post how to install blinds or curtains for free, either with our tips and video or image tutorials or with professional help. Do you know all the possibilities at your fingertips?

Install blinds or curtains, unless it is a special case of lack of space or unusual sizes, seems more complicated than it really is. In any case, it is very normal that each client wants to know all the details before making a purchase.

It’s simple? What am I going to need? The most advisable thing, before buying, is to take a look at all the information about the products that we can find in online stores for blinds and curtains. With the images, videos, and details of the installation mechanisms, we can get an idea of ​​what the process consists of.

One of the common questions is whether the online sale of blinds or curtains includes free installation service, and it does not. These are businesses that sell their products throughout the country, so it is impossible to have reliable installers in all the autonomous communities, as it is possible to have a small decoration store.

install blinds or curtains

Check if your home insurance includes it

If you have contracted home insurance, check its conditions in detail. Many home insurance (be careful, not all, it depends on each company and what is contracted, and it can also be an additional service) have a DIY coverage, which makes a service of visits from qualified professionals available to the insured without assuming an extra expense for the client.

For a few years now, insurance companies have included a home help service so that policyholders can have an expert at home to make small arrangements for free. For example, hanging a lamp, Install blinds or curtains, placing a kitchen cabinet, or installing a hall cabinet in the hallway. You can ask your insurer for the guarantee known as ‘handyman’, for these small maintenances or DIY jobs in the insured home.

The professionals to whom it refers can be bricklayers, antennas, varnishers, carpenters, locksmiths, contractors, glaziers, electricians, carpenters, plasterers, plumbers, gardeners, cleaners, parquet, small transporters, painters, upholsterers or repairers of electrical appliances or appliances. technological.

If your insurance includes this, which is usually between two or three times a year at most, take advantage of it if you are renovating your old curtains or blinds or if you have decided to install blinds or curtains. If it does not include it, consider this possibility: a home installer will charge you an excessive rate per hour. Or consider the following: Install blinds or curtains yourself.

Try to place them yourself

If your home insurance does not include these alternatives, or you do not have any specific home insurance, the other option is to turn to a friend or acquaintance handyman who has free time to help you out. And if this is not possible either … don’t worry. You can install your blinds or curtains yourself for free. It is easier than you think!

To begin with, the curtains and blinds, or shades, are usually installed to the wall/ceiling or to the hole, being a not too complicated process. In the package of your blinds or curtains, you will receive everything you need to be able to place it and some instructions to follow, explaining the parts you have received: screws and nuts, brackets, and trim covers.

In addition, online stores have detailed assembly instructions on each product sheet to Install blinds or curtains, both in writing and in images or diagrams. And, of course, you will find video tutorials with the step by step for the installation of all the blinds or curtains.

Install blinds or curtains with or without holes

You will find explanatory videos of all kinds: about how to install blinds or curtains with or without holes, in the window frame, with brackets, or with central support so that pairs of blinds are less separated. How to install Venetian blinds, install blinds or curtains, aluminum, PVC, or wood, of all sizes. Or vertical slat curtains.

You will also find how to clean these products to maximize their profitability, or with very useful tricks on how to change the chain of a blind, or install blinds or curtains, or renew the fabric. We are convinced that once you take a look, you will know how to do everything!

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