How to Choose Blinds?

how to choose blinds
How to choose your blinds correctly

When you choose blinds for your home you want them to be the most perfect since they help you decorate your place and give it a space of harmony, so today we bring you tips for how to choose blinds correctly.

To choose your blinds correctly the shape, meters, and drop are three essential elements

In order for you to choose ideal blinds, you must first take into account the shape of the window and also the orientation of the room, since this way you can choose a suitable window blinds depending on whether you need more clarity or a little less.

As for the meters of fabric you are going to spend, add 30 cm to the width of the window and then multiply by two or three depending on if you want it with a greater gathering. As for the length it depends on your own style, however, it is better than it is at ground level.

If you want a romantic touch you can then add 10 cm more than the measurement you normally use, in that case, use strong fabrics.

Blinds and clips to open the blinds in style

Blinds clips are small pieces of wood that can be attached to a third of the blinds to collect it, giving it a very romantic style. You can also use clamps that are usable strips of laces to give a more striking and starring effect to the window.

To complete your style you can decorate the clamps with tassels by a wooden pendant and in this way you will highlight the image of them, making everything look beautiful and tidy.

How to choose blinds for bathrooms and Kitchens?

For bathrooms and kitchens the blinds should be short.

Memorize this phrase and you will always be right, use materials that are resistant to moisture, steam, and smoke. To better choose your blinds and to have a better style, you can use fabric with small motifs that match the decoration of the place.

Finally, keep in mind to combine the colors of your blinds with the room from a gradient scheme or whether you want them to be lighter or darker than the walls.

Gain light in your spaces with net blinds

If you want to gain natural light in all your rooms, use net blinds fabric to make the blinds, light, and fluffy fabrics such as linen, yarn, and voile are great because they let sunlight through in a perfect way.

And if you prefer to decant the light a little you can combine them with roller blinds of screen fabric, or with double blinds, which will give you a less bright light tone.

Check the composition of the fabrics

It is important that you verify that the blinds fabrics have anti-pilling so that they do not make balls or specks if they are washed and they must also have a fire-retardant treatment which allows them not to burn if a fire occurs, since the blinds that they do not have this treatment they increase the fire quickly.

Follow these tips and you will know how to choose blinds and always choose your blinds correctly.



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