What are made to measure blinds? And what types of made to measure blinds?

Surely you are thinking that you can buy any type of made to measure roller blinds or curtain, there is a great offer, but most offer standard measures. The problem is when we look for special measures, that is, a custom roller blinds.

made to measure blinds
Types of roller blinds, Translucent roller blinds, Screen roller blinds and Blackout roller blinds, What are made to measure blinds

There is a huge range of blinds available, covering a variety of different designs and functions. It can sometimes be hard to decide which type of blind would be best for you when you’re faced with so many different options. At UNITEC, we aim to take the pressure of you and work alongside your needs and desires to help you find the perfect blind. I have put together a short guide to the most popular types to help you get started!

We help and advise you on everything, especially when taking the measures. Occasionally, we can get close to making you in assembly and help you to get the made to measure blinds.

We have different types of made to measure blinds:

The screen roller blinds offer us an ideal option of made to measure blinds because it allows to control the light and regulate the heat. It allows to control privacy, since, depending on the type of fabric, you can choose the entrance of light, as well as the visibility.

Blackout made to measure blinds. More and more interior designers are betting on this type of made to measure blinds for their decoration projects. Ideal for bedrooms or rooms where we want total darkness.

Painted blind, allows entry and visibility from the outside as its fabrics are lighter.

The translucent roller blind, give a touch of style and modernity that enhance the decoration. Its fabric is specially designed to gently filter sunlight and block visibility from the outside.

Day and night blinds. It is a fabric with alternating bands and its mechanism allows the partial entry of sunlight.

If you have any questions you can write to us through our email, social networks or call us. We will send you some guides on measurement and tissue samples. In this way, the success will be certain.



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