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5% Screen fabric for roller blinds Technical Date

  Fabric Specification: Screen fabric 5% URS301-URS3011

Composition: 30% Polyester,70% PVC

Weave Construction: 2 X 2 Basket Weaving

Width: 1.7m-3.0m

Weight: 419g/m2±5%

Thickness: 0.55mm±5%

Color Fastness: 6-8

Fire Classification: NFPA701

Openness Factor: 5%

UV Blockage: 95%

Fabric Warranty: 5 years (internal use only)

Certification: ISO9001-2008, Oeko-Tex standard 100, SGS, CE, INTERTEK,

Care Instructions: Do not allow dust to accumulate. Gently vacuum with

appropriate attachment. Do not dry clean. Test in an inconspicuous

area with the mild detergent solution before spot cleaning.

When spot cleaning does not allow that area to become fully wet,

use damp cloth only.  

  • Certification
  • Packing & ODM & OEM

What is 5% Screen fabric for roller blinds?

5% screen fabric
sunscreen fabric shades

5% Screen fabric for roller blinds and 5% Sun screen fabric such as window shades are often used to provide shielding from the Sun’s rays and glare caused by those rays. In addition to providing Sun Screen performance, the sunscreen fabric shades must also typically be flame resistant (i.e. have FR performance), and have Sufficient stiffness to properly hang in the window or from the other structure where it is utilized (e.g. not cup or curl) and in many cases, withstand being rolled up and down by a shade mechanism.

5% screen fabric

To achieve these objectives, Shade fabrics are generally made from fabrics that are woven from vinyl-coated fiberglass or polyester yarns, which are then calendered. While providing a level of Sun filtration, these prior Shade materials have been limited in terms of aesthetics. For one, because the vinyl coating is opaque, the color of the shades is determined by the color of the vinyl coating of the yarns, and thus the available color palette is typically limited. In addition, the fabric construction is limited to conventional open weave patterns. Furthermore, the vinyl coating must be sufficient to prevent the edges of the woven fabric from fraying.

5% screen fabric

Description of 5% sun screen fabric for roller blinds fabric

The 5% sun screen fabrics for roller blinds of the invention have a knit base fabric which is preferably a warp knit construction, Such as a raschel or tricot knit. The sunscreen fabric is preferably at least a two-bar construction, though it may be made from three bars, four bars, etc., depending on the complexity desired for the pattern.

What’s the feature and application?

The fabric is preferably constructed to have from about 1% to about 15% openness, Especially screen 5% (defined as the amount of open space relative to the total fabric area.) As will be readily appreciated by those of ordinary skill in the art, the level of openness can be Selected to tailor the amount of light that it is desired to let pass through, the amount of Screening desired, etc. For example, Sunscreens designed to be used on windows on the Sun-facing side of a building may be designed to be less open, while those for the Shady Side of a building may be designed to be more open, to enable more natural light to enter the room.

5% screen fabric

The main blinds fabrics of UNITEC Textile Decoration Co.,Ltd are as below:

1.    Roller Blind Fabrics (Width:1.8M-3.0m,Translucent fabrics,blackout shades,room darkening shades,fire-retardant,Anti-microbial,water-proof )

2.    Sunscreen Fabrics (Width:2.0m-3.0m,Polyester & PVC ,fiberglass & PVC and fiberglass & PVC blackout fabrics)

3.    Zebra Blinds Fabrics, day and night blind fabric, double roller blinds fabric

4.    Made to Measure Roller Blinds, Readymade Zebra blinds


1. Quantity■Passed           Failed             N/A            Client’s decision
2. Packing■Passed           Failed             N/A            Client’s decision
3. Labeling■Passed           Failed             N/A            Client’s decision
3. Style, material, color, Artwork■Passed           Failed             N/A            Client’s decision
4. Workmanship■Passed           Failed             N/A            Client’s decision
5. Measurement, function■Passed           Failed             N/A            Client’s decision
6. Test/ Test report    ■Passed           Failed             N/A            Client’s decision
7. Cleanliness on site    ■Passed           Failed             N/A            Client’s decision
8. Child safety issues    ■Passed           Failed            N/A             Client’s decision



5% Screen fabric for roller blinds Fire-Retardant Certification NFPA 701


UV blocking certification

Packing & ODM & OEM

30 Yards/30 meters Per Roll MOQ: No MOQ for any color and width 20ft: 290 rolls 40ft: 600 rolls Delivery time:5-30 Days (Depends on stock status) Payment Term: T/T (30% Deposit, 70% Balance before shipment) ODM & OEM Service for all customers. Your design, Your mark, Your brand sun screen fabric ROLLER SCREEN FABRIC 5% Sun screen 5%

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