Curtains or Blinds? Advantages and differences

curtains or blinds

Choosing between curtains or blinds to set and protect the interiors of our rooms can be a complex task if it is not clear what the characteristics, models, advantages, and disadvantages of each option are.

Curtains or Blinds are elements that provide security and privacy for family life, isolate outside noises, filter UV rays and generate lighting games in the home. At the same time, they are key pieces for the design and set of spaces. Curtains or Blinds allow to improve, renovate and transform rooms, following the styles of the interiors.

Therefore, from UNITEC Textile Decoration, we share the most important information to take into account to make the best decision to choose the curtains or blinds, following your tastes, needs, and budget.


When thinking about installing blinds, you must first consider the size and style of the room, the window area, the color, and the money available, and then make a decision regarding the model and features of curtains or blinds in general.

Today, the market offers endless options: wood, aluminum, PVC, with a wide variety of colors, functions, and prices.

The main advantages of blinds are:

  • FUNCTION: can be operated manually or automatically
  • STYLES: there are Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, roller blinds, blackout blinds, etc.
  • CLEANING: prevent a large amount of dust from being stored
  • LIGHTING: allow the entry of a certain amount of light
  • BUDGET: for the most part, they are a cheaper option
  • PROTECTION: they allow to isolate the environment from external climatic conditions


Curtains are pieces historically present in the rooms of all homes, each one with its colors and textures according to the home environment.

Today, we have various designs and formats of curtains; with refined details in almost invisible seams and fine finishes, with horizontal fabric sheet panels that add quality, luxury, and privacy to each room. the fabrics of curtains or blinds are an important element in the style and decoration of spaces and it is important to consider what function it is going to have before making a decision.

The following points can be listed among its main advantages of curtains:

  • MODELS: of different colors, thickness and length, they can be adapted to the styles and needs of each room.
  • FUNCTION: classic fabric curtains or blinds can now be fitted with a motor to automate their closing and opening.
  • LIGHTING: depending on the material chosen, they can prevent, to a greater or lesser extent, the sun’s rays from entering the environment.
  • CLEANING: to maintain and wash them, it is only necessary to remove them, clean them and replace them.
  • PROTECTION: They protect and prevent discoloration of furniture, carpets, floors, and upholstery.

How to buy the curtains or blinds fabrics?

Now that you know the differences and benefits of each one, get to know the models of curtains or blinds fabrics that UNITEC Textile Decoration has available and choose the best option for your home. Please contact our sales department to get more offers!



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