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blinds and curtains manufacturer

Make your dreams come true and renew the environments of your home or office, giving them a touch of originality, modernity, sophistication and elegance with UNITEC curtains and blinds fabrics, Sunscreen Blinds and Curtain Fabrics. This Chinese company stands out for selecting the best raw materials of sunscreen roller blinds fabric in Spain, Australia, and China. It is a pioneer in the field and the leading fabrics blinds and curtains manufacturer, and in May of next year celebrates 18 years in the market.

All the curtains are produced locally by the blinds and curtains manufacturer. Sunscreen fabrics filter the sun’s rays allowing visibility of the outside environment. They avoid the reflection of the light on the screens and control the brightness of the environment without causing the sensation of the enclosure. The color range is very wide both in fabrics and other materials such as aluminum, PVC and fiberglass. No curtain is made: all are made to measure, ”says GM.

Sunscreen blinds and curtains allow us to isolate the space from cold and heat; they are the best guarantee of greater energy savings, better sun protection, and perfect light management. Protect against UV rays and moisture. Reduce heat, achieving an effect of visual amplitude in any environment. These perfect complements are made in the form of Vertical blinds, Roller blinds, blinds and curtains manufacturer, Japanese Panel, among others. It is only a matter of choosing the one that best matches the decoration and ambiance of your space.

When decorating the different spaces, be it the house or the office, you should not only think about the aesthetic aspect of the elements that are going to be used; the functionality that they can provide, both internally and externally, must be taken into account.
With regard to fabric blinds and curtains, their functionality refers to their ability to prevent the sun’s rays from entering the enclosed spaces. The blinds and curtains of greater protection are ideal elements that help on the one hand to avoid so much heat in the environment and on the other, they are ideal complements in a decoration. So you need very professional blinds and curtains manufacturers to be your supplier.

It is a technical fabric composed of a PVC coated polyester mesh. The result is a translucent Sunscreen Blinds and Curtain Fabrics that allows seeing outside, contributing to improving the visual comfort of those who live or work indoors.
Its translucency is determined by the opening of the polyester sunscreen roller blinds fabric, which ranges from 0% to 25%. This type of Sunscreen Blinds and Curtain Fabrics allows the entry of light in a controlled manner and guarantees the privacy of the environment, achieving external visibility without losing privacy.
Sunscreen Blinds and Curtain Fabrics is the most effective system to reduce the heat of the environments, besides having a good UV filter, allowing the room to look wider, since having a closed Sunscreen curtain can be seen outside.

According to the thermal properties, the glass fiber (the screen) is a mineral fiber (alkali-free silicate boron), inert and without synthesis processes to obtain it, which prevents any alteration due mainly to the effect of sunlight. Another important property to highlight is its thermal insulating power because it is a mineral fiber (it is used as a thermal insulator in building construction).



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