Curtain rails, the alternative to traditional bars

Curtains are an essential piece to be able to decorate the windows of our home. Fabrics that can be hung in a variety of ways. One of the options that we present to you from UNITEC is the curtain rail system. In today’s article, we will explain what these devices consist of and what advantages they bring to our homes.

Curtain rails

If you prefer a useful and discreet system in your home, the curtain rails will be the best choice, since they fit better in rooms with a more modern and hermetic atmosphere and design. They are fixed to the ceiling, to the frame of the sale or spread on the wall and there are double or multiple designs whose purpose is to hang layers of curtains or match a net curtain next to a thicker curtain.

So, thanks to this system we will ensure that the curtain completely covers the bar that holds it. It is ideal for locating in areas where there is little space around the window, which is why it predominates in most showers.

Advantageous Features of Curtain Rails

  • They contain a simple system since the rail profile allows sliding of the pulleys where the curtains are located. These pulleys are joined with a cord that when stretched we can open or close the curtains.
  • You will get an easy installation, although it will be different depending on where the rail is located. For example, if we want to locate the rail on the ceiling we must take into account what type of window we have, instead, if it is located on the wall, we must measure the window and mark the midpoint.
  • It is a comfortable and practical system that manages to avoid direct dirt on the curtains. In addition, we can move the curtain and collect it horizontally, betting on greater practicality.
  • You can get a wide variety of curtain rails, depending on the type of drive. You can find single, single, double, or triple. At the same time, you must also choose which type of drive you prefer, whether manual, cordless or motorized.

What kind of rails can you find on the market? For the most demanding, you will find a more aesthetic and decorative curtain rail system that seek greater prominence in homes. They are simple to operate and install, allow a single channel, and support pleated, smooth curtains and boards.

On the other hand, you can get motorized rails, which require an electrical installation on the ceiling or on the wall and allow multiple channels. The cord drive, on the other hand, only accepts a single channel.

Do you want a more modern system or one that allows you to hang more than one fabric? Opt for the curtain rail system to reform the rooms in your house. Visit our website and fill out the contact form. We will give you the necessary information to dispel the doubts you have with our product. Contact us, we will offer you personalized quality advice!



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