What types of window shades and blinds are there and which one is suitable for your home?

Window shades and blinds provide shade and freshness in summer and privacy in winter. The curtains or blinds are great silent allies of our home to which, as a general rule, we pay little enough attention.

But if you give us for a moment to know their possibilities, the different types that exist and how to use them to get the most out of them, you will find that Window shades and blinds are of spectacular utility.

Did you know that, if your apartment is small, it is better to opt for lighter Window shades and blinds materials that let light through?

Another trick will be to install automated blinds, which will allow you to decide and program at what time of day you want more or less light to enter.

Are you making the most of the blinds in your home? Why do you have those installed and not others? What advantages and disadvantages do they have compared to other formats?

Take a walk with me and discover what blinds you are interested in having in your apartment:

Venetian or horizontal blinds

window shades and blinds
window shades and blinds Venetian or horizontal blinds

Didn’t you know they were called that? They are very common in our country and offer us a lot of variety regarding shapes, materials and colors.

They can be adapted to any interior design concept, and are very practical with their perfectly adjustable slat rotation system at each moment of intensity and angle of incidence of sunlight.

Vertical blinds

window shades and blinds
Vertical blinds

As its name suggests, the strips of these blinds hang longitudinally, from top to bottom.

They are less common, although their mechanism has a magical touch because of how they rotate responding to our wrist turn, because we perceive a greater volume of movement with this orientation.

Like horizontal blinds, they can be made of PVC, fabric, wood, or more consistent materials, such as aluminum.

Roller blinds window shades and blinds

window shades and blinds
Roller blinds

More modern, expensive and practical than the previous ones, these blinds ensure a greater closure against foreign eyes and ultraviolet rays.

They are very adaptable, being able to cover high windows or doors, and give a greater sense of visual cleanliness when they are collected.

Japanese panel blinds

window shades and blinds
Japanese panel blinds

Exoticism is its flag and elegance, the result: minimalist designs that usually combine colors in a balanced and harmonious way.

Of course, they look best in outstanding and original environments, such as sliding doors, windows and access to outdoor patios or gardens and in places with a lot of space, otherwise, it can dwarf your space.

They usually work with rails that help us move them laterally.

Pleated blinds

window shades and blinds
Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are very delicate and their handling is not as easy and fast as that of other models of window shades and blinds. There are two profiles, an upper one and a lower one, that hold together a soft fabric – it is usually cloth or paper – that is folded and gathers on itself in folds when the rope is pulled to lift the lower profile.

Pleated blinds are not suitable for use by children (forget to put them in their bedrooms or playrooms) because they are easier to break by sudden movements.

However, window shades and blinds can be adapted to original forms of windows or arches.

The texture, color, and weight of the pleated window shades and blinds will mark the transparency and, therefore, the entry of more or less light through them.

Blackout or total darkness window shades and blinds

window shades and blinds
Blackout or total darkness blinds

Its mechanism does not let any light through. This format is especially useful if the environment where you place them needs to plunge into absolute darkness window shades and blinds, such as a room with a home cinema system, where you enjoy playing your favorite movies, or a meeting room for projections.



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