Blinds or curtains?Advantages and disadvantages

Blinds or curtains

Each space of our home fulfills and has a special function. For this reason, before making a decision between roller blinds and curtains, we must know the advantages and disadvantages, materials and differences of styles, since the curtains and roller blinds fabrics are carriers of light, elegance, warmth and harmony and others will decorate and complement Any space in the home. Next, UNITEC will inform you about the disadvantages and disadvantages of each one.

On the side of the curtains, there are two types of designs: blinds and curtains.

Curtains are specifically one of the most formal elements within the window covering space. The designs of this are innovative and its preparation is completely elaborate and complete and its length will always be flush with the floor.

Regarding the curtains, they are one of the traditional but elegant options, since they are of great length, they have a neat fall and this type of curtains are handled manually.

On the other hand, the roller blinds also have two basic types: Vertical and horizontal. They are one of the most traditional and classic elements regarding window covering. They can be made of PVC or wood. In addition, they are traveled or folded manually. These offer a proportional entry of light, as well as zero, depending on the graduation.

Roller Blinds or curtains have advantages as disadvantages.

One of them is that they can be as light and transparent as thick and heavy depending on the type of fabric. His designs are more elegant and classic; There are thermal types such as blackouts or the normal ones that are the classic ones. Also, its preparation is cheaper. However, one of its great disadvantages is that the curtain fabric saves a lot of dust.

One of the advantages of roller blinds is that they will make your space look much more modern and minimalist. They can be handled manually or mechanically. Unlike curtains, they prevent dust storage to a greater extent and provide the required amount of light. One of its disadvantages is that the roller blinds fabric requires more maintenance, greater care must be taken and the price is usually high, unlike curtains.

Finally, the curtains and blinds fulfill the function of providing light, comfort and warmth to your space, each with its respective characteristics that are left to the user’s pleasure and choice.

In UNITEC, we have each of fabric for blinds or curtains, in different qualities and designs, but with the same quality as always. As we’re leading designer, innovator and manufacturer of fabrics for roller blinds and curtains, Sunscreen blinds and zebra blinds.

UNITEC, your imagination is our style.



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