What are the Features of Blockout Roller Blinds?

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Light filtering roller blinds and blockout roller blinds are one of the most commonly used window blinds in the last many years. Roller blinds are preferred in interior design, because they combine design, style and functionality. They have a very simple operation, the roller blinds fabric is attached to the upper tube and this causes the fabric to be rolled and unwound allowing more or less light to enter the house as it suits us. Available in Light filtering roller blinds, blockout blinds fabric or sunscreen fabric to suit your desired decor, There is also the possibility of having a motor drive. If we drive them with the motor, we will have more sophisticated curtains and with a better finish.

The light filtering roller blinds fabrics that are normally used in roller blinds are the screens, polyester PVC screens, opaque blinds fabrics or canvas fabrics. The traditional curtain is one of the most recognized and used light filtering roller blinds in homes. It consists of a fixed bar or rail on which a loose fabric is hung. This fabric can be made of linen, silk or polyester. Depending on the need we have, we can use these interior or exterior curtains, always depending on the fabric we choose.

Light Filtering Roller Blinds

It is a blockout roller blinds that conveys elegance and serves us to create or complement a minimalist and colder decoration. Its use has been extended in spaces such as offices, meeting rooms and homes. Normally roller blinds are used in homes, offices, restaurants and hotels.


Guided roller blinds are based on a roller blind with side guides that ensure that the roller blinds fabric cannot move laterally.

In order for this curtain to ensure that the environment is completely opaque and that no light beam is allowed to pass, a drawer must be installed at the top to cover all the small slots through which the light from outside can be cast.

These blockout roller blinds are perfect to use in those windows where we do not have blinds and the client wants a 100% darkening in the room.

At UNITEC, we have been working on the design, development and manufacturing of the blockout roller blinds fabrics for more than 18 years, Selling the high-quality roller blinds blockout fabrics, light filtering roller blinds fabrics, screen fabrics and zebra blinds fabrics to all over the world.

We are passionate about what we do, because we like the industry and we are the “fabric people”. We develop various new designs for roller blinds blockout fabrics and light filtering roller blinds fabrics for all customers.



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