Why should you install wavy vertical blinds?

wavy vertical blinds

It is not news that, regardless of domestic or work contexts, wavy vertical blinds seem to have eaten all the ground to traditional curtains or blinds. And it is not for less, thanks to the computation of advantages they have with respect to these.

One of these differences is their degree of customization. So much so that they have taken one more step forward that today they show an undulating image that gives it an even more dynamic aesthetic.

What else can wavy vertical blinds do?

It fulfills exactly the same functions as custom wavy vertical blinds (they can be equally personalized, they give a general aesthetic more in line with the decoration and allow a more exact regulation of exterior lighting), but enhancing all these attributes.

With a wavy model, you will not only be able to choose the length and width of the slats, but you also have the alternative of choosing their shapes and symmetries. It is precisely this factor that causes the eyes of the tenant or worker to find wavy vertical blinds visually aesthetic for a longer time and for visitors to find the most natural and elegant room.

Likewise, its irregular shape makes wavy vertical blinds easier for the light from outside to be even more controllable.

Anything else?

Does it seem little to you? In addition to everything indicated, your purchase involves exactly the same customization alternatives as regular vertical slats:

  • Choose up to 3 colors: This means the possibility of offering a greater color variety to the room. Also, the color palette is extensive enough to allow for almost as many combinations as you can imagine.
  • Of course, you can also choose the way in which the blinds is collected or the location of the handles, among other factors.

How to choose your wavy vertical blinds?

Obviously, their versatility makes the wavy vertical blinds suitable for domestic and work environments, especially in offices and educational institutions.

Their choice obeys more personal criteria, but it is true that some factors must be taken into account, especially when assessing the brightness and privacy that you want.

  • For spacious rooms where you want sunlight to give a greater sense of spaciousness, translucent blinds fabrics will be better. Also, remember that, although in a limited way, they allow you to see what happens on the other side of the window.
  • For those contexts where privacy prevails or 0% exterior light is needed (rooms, for example), blackout wavy vertical blinds fabrics are a better ally.

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