Various types of vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a great alternative to curtains and traditional blinds. They are especially indicated for large windows, which is why before it was common to see them in shop windows or as office blinds. Today, thanks to new technical fabrics and custom manufacturing, With various types of vertical blinds, they are perfect blinds for the living room or other rooms in the home.

types of vertical blinds

Due to their design, the various types of vertical blinds give the rooms modern and sophisticated air. Due to the fabric they use, they have a wide light path. Due to their format, they adapt perfectly to any type of window, even large windows or sliding doors to terraces and balconies.

Types, advantages, and characteristics of vertical blinds

The various types of vertical blinds have the characteristic that they are very adaptable, so much so that they are perfectly valid for any environment or room. Depending on their material, they can be of different types: Blackout various types of vertical blinds, translucent, smooth, colored, screen printed, etc. These are some of the advantages that vertical blinds offer us depending on their characteristics:

Various types of vertical blinds allow graduating the entrance of light

We can choose the type of fabric we want for our vertical blinds. There are fabrics of different thicknesses that allow more or less light to enter. Thus, we will have the most suitable vertical blinds for each room: more blackout for rest areas, such as bedrooms and more translucent for activity areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and work areas.

That’s not all. Thanks to its system, the vertical blinds allow regulating the light by its position. The curtain slats rotate on themselves, varying the opening between them. The more open they are, the brighter the room will be; by closing them completely, we can make the room completely dark.

Highly customizable and customizable

They are made to measure and therefore are highly adaptable to any style of decoration and any size of the window. When choosing our vertical blinds, we can take into account where we are going to place them. For example, if we want them as curtains for the living room, we can choose the most suitable width of the slats for our decoration and the most appropriate transparency of the fabric so that the stay is pleasant for us.

This offers us the opportunity to combine our types of vertical blinds with the colors of the decoration of our rooms. We can even personalize them with photographs and images, integrating the blinds into the decoration. There are also vertical blinds with shapes that are very original and decorative.

The types of vertical blinds in general and especially the curtains for living room or office blinds are made with a technical fabric, called “screen”. It is a state-of-the-art, highly resistant, and fire-retardant fabric that is made of fiberglass and other materials, such as PVC or polyester filaments.



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