What kind of window blinds to choose for a bedroom? Double Roller Black Out Blinds or Roller Zebra blinds?

We decided to write this article, to clarify many doubts we receive from our customers every day about what kind of window blinds to choose for a bedroom. Double Roller Black Out Blinds or Roller Zebra blinds?

Double Roller Black Out Blinds

Lately, the Double Roller Black Out or Roller Zebra Black Out blinds have become very fashionable, The roller zebra blinds also named as day and night blinds.

Double Roller Black Out Blinds

The truth is that it is a novel blinds, very functional since having Roller zebra Blinds fabric strips allow to darken the rooms in a high percentage, however, we want to tell you that this blinds is NOT the most appropriate for bedrooms, since in the Bedrooms are required to insulate Light and temperature a Black Out Normal PVC Black Out blinds (textured fabric) with the same properties of Normal Black Out blinds. Its cost is approximately half of a Double Roller Black Out blinds and is much more functional, being a 100% Black Out Blinds completely fulfills the function of thermal and light insulation that is what is required and most appropriate for a bedroom.

Our recommendation if you have the budget and what is required is to lighten and darken on demand is to install a Roller Double Black Out + Screen blinds in bedrooms, the value is practically the same as a Double Roller Black Out blinds and as we have told you In this post, much more functional.

With double roller black out blindss we obtain intimacy, acoustic control over noise coming from outside and solar control of UV rays.

Roller sunscreen blinds allow us to enjoy the same privacy throughout the day, maintaining the luminosity that comes from outside, as well as the views, allowing them to integrate into the environments.

UNITEC is a leading manufacturer of fabrics for roller blinds, zebra blinds and sunscreen blinds, If you have any questions, please contact us via email [email protected] and we will show you the most appropriate types of blinds for the rooms of your house.



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