The ideal blinds for the room: double roller blinds.

What’re the ideal blinds for the room? double roller blinds (blackout roller blinds with sunscreen roller blinds). The blackout double roller blinds and sunscreen roller blinds are becoming the most popular option for the roller blinds for home, office, and commercial.

double roller blinds

When it is time to change or redecorate the home, the main piece is the most complicated place in the house to design, because there we will spend the most time of our lives: on average, we will be there more than 8 hours each day, recovering strength to continue the next day, so the importance of that dream is pleasant and recuperating. Today we will tell you why double roller blinds are the best choice for your room.

Double roller blinds are a type of window blinds/curtains that combine in a single mechanism everything you need to make your room a perfect place throughout the year. Traditionally, the double blinds roller is made up of blackout roller blinds and sunscreen fabrics, but this combination can change depending on the need of each space. If necessary, other types of fabric can be used, such as blackout blinds or 5% sunscreen with 1% sunscreen.

Remember that the blackout roller blinds fabric is made of an alloy of PVC, fiberglass and gender, which allows the sun to be bounced when you try to enter the piece directly. While the sunscreen blinds fabric is a porous fabric that, instead of blocking the light, filters it allowing the room to light up and give way to new nuances during the day.

This type of roller blinds is mainly used in the rooms due to its practicality: you will use the blackout or the sunscreen depending on the outside temperature, the amount of light and the sensation you need inside your home. If you need to be ready for the four seasons of the year double window blinds are your best choice: so you can block the sun in the summer and let the light in during the winter without losing privacy in your room.

In UNITEC, we have the highest technology in double roller blinds for home, office, and commercial roller blinds. All our fabrics are manufactured to provide well-being, quality of life and security to your home.



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