Double Roller blinds: optimal combination for solar control

The double roller blinds UK, dual roller blinds combine the roller blackout blinds and the roller sunscreen blinds in the same opening. Dual roller shades is a great option for spaces where we want to obtain a variety of effects and the passage of light with double roller blinds UK, dual roller shades, Double blinds, dual roller blinds.

double blinds

Double blinds applications

With the double roller blinds UK system, we can take advantage of both types of blinds, adapting to each specific need. They are extremely practical and decorative.

They are ideal to place in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and TV rooms. If using the sunscreen fabric, the environment will benefit from the passage of natural light and outward vision. If using the blackout roller blinds fabric, we will achieve total blackout and privacy.

System operation

Double roller blinds have special support with which both blinds are combined without taking up more space than simple roller systems.

Each cloth has its independent chain mechanism for correct operation. They can be placed on the same side, or in opposite sectors as preferred.

The installation is also as simple as a roller blinds, without the presence of a professional installer being necessary.

It is advisable to leave the blackout blinds behind, to get darker when it is low.

Advantages of the double roller blinds UK system

  • Obtaining the desired darkness or brightness.
  • Obtaining the desired privacy and opening to the desired exterior.
  • Thermal and solar control of UV rays.
  • Acoustic control
  • Easy placement
  • Easy maintenance

Double blinds roller, dual roller blinds are the most requested systems in the market, thanks to their versatility and the possibility of generating different environmental situations.

Its practicality and modern aesthetics have then made the ones are chosen by the decorators to incorporate into the spaces, provided environmental quality, different light effects, and the possibility of adapting to each situation throughout the day.

UNITEC was established in 2002 and we have been exporting over 39 countries. UNITEC has a talented internal design team that publishes original designs every 3 months; Approved the ISO9001: 2008 quality system; Abundant experience in the luxury market of Europe, America, and Australia, and our fabrics for double roller blinds have the SGS, INTERTEK certificate; so, you can rest assured about quality, since our motto is to provide the best to our customers.

We provide the latest technology and equipment that allow us to offer our customers the best products as follows:

  1. Fabrics for roller blinds (width: 1.8M-3.0m, translucent fabrics, opaque fabrics, fireproof, antimicrobial, waterproof)
  2. Sunscreen fabrics (Width: 2.0 m-3.0 m, 30% Polyester and 70% PVC, fiberglass and PVC)
  3. Zebra Blinds Fabrics
  4. Ready-made blinds fabric


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  1. […] Roller Double blinds have a sunscreen cloth that allows the transfer of light when necessary and another in a blackout that offers total dimming. In this way, the input of ultraviolet rays, noise and outside temperature can be regulated to 100%. […]

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  2. […] fabric is one of the most popular models in the collection of coated blackout roller blinds. This roller blind fabric is 100% polyester with acrylic coating. The maximum width is 3.00m, it’s the double-side […]

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  3. […] fabric is suitable for when we want to maintain privacy without losing the external luminosity. The opaque blinds fabric is a very good solution when we want to have maximum […]

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  4. Matthew

    Double Roller Blinds Combining blockout and screen blinds for your every mood – Great for multi-purpose rooms. Screens for everyday use and blockout blinds to make the room dark for television or movie watching.

    Double Roller Blinds on Double bracket
    Double roller blinds are an excellent combination of a blockout blind coupled with a screen fabric, two of our most popular blinds. These fabrics paired together allows our double roller blinds to be used in any room and any situation. The smooth and easy to use operation of our chain drives allow you to install your dual blinds anywhere.

    double roller blinds blockout fabric is guaranteed to block any outside light from entering the room. This makes it the ideal fabric for entertainment rooms where screen glare is always an issue. For those who work during the night and sleep during the day, our double roller blinds are the best solution for you. Our blockout fabric will turn your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary, free of any outside light that may make it difficult to sleep.

    Combine this with our screen fabric, and our dual roller blinds will work with anything life throws at you! Screen blinds are a terrific solution for everyday use. The screen fabric is lightly tinted, allowing light to pass through without being too harsh. This will provide a delicate ambience to any room in the house. With your purchase of our double roller blinds, you gain the option to choose what fabric to use at any time. There is simply no better solution for those looking for a bit more variety than a standard blind.

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  5. Steven

    With dual roller blinds from SunGuard you’ll be totally protected from the sun and inquisitive onlookers. Choose the level of sunshine and UV entering your home yourself!

    What is even more fascinating about dual roller shades is that you can effortlessly restyle the interior of your room with a simple movement. Just choose two completely different fabrics for your roller sunshades and change the look of your bedroom or lounge whenever you like.

    The major benefit of dual roller blinds is that you gain the full control over the light in your home or office. You may wish to choose a combination of a 100% block-out fabric and a semi-transparent one: use the transparent fabric during the daytime and change to the opaque one once the sun’s gone down and you need more privacy from your neighbours in the nighttime. Each blind can be operated separately.You can combine the drops of two blinds – no need to pull one fully up to drop another one.

    With our extensive range of fabrics you’ll definitely find your favourite colours and textures for your home or office. Choose among a variety of chain colours, types and colours of bottom rails.

    You are going to love the quality of our products! Heavy-duty aluminium components used in our roller blinds guarantee a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Sturdy dual aluminium brackets will give you security and reliability.

    All blinds are tailored to your windows. We put your interests first and are ready to go an extra mile to to provide you with an exceptional standard of service.

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  6. Nancy

    Create the light, view and privacy you like with double roller blinds. Thanks to the double layer fabric with transparent and non-transparent stripes, you can play with light and create a modern look. Our total range of fabrics, systems and automation for double roller blinds create endless possibilities to play with the light and create the privacy you want.

    Double roller fabrics
    Coulisse offers an extensive collection of double roller blind fabrics that includes fabrics with a refined natural weaving texture as well as fabrics with a more open structure that beautifully filter the light.

    Double roller system
    Our modular Absolute roller blind 2.0 concept is developed to be perfectly suitable for double roller blinds. Only a minimal number of parts is needed to turn roller blinds into double roller blinds. The color and configuration options are just as rich as with single roller blinds.

    Our revolutionary automation solution Motion makes motorized blinds available for everyone and is compatible with double roller blinds. This automated system is super easy to install and operate and lets you enjoy the simplicity of motorized blinds.

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  7. Anna

    Combine roller shades with solar shades into one system to create versatile light control and privacy level
    Roller shade material for the front shades; solar or blackout shades for the back shade
    Blocks damaging UV rays and reduces heat build up
    Coordinate with roller, solar, roman, sliding panels, and vertical shades

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    • Nancy

      The Double Roller Blind system is an innovative concept as it allows you to choose two fabrics for ultimate flexibility. The lighter sheer fabric allows daylight to enter your room and provides a thin layer of daytime privacy. The thicker blackout fabric provides night time privacy and better heat efficiency.

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