3 tips for choosing curtains & Blinds

How to dress the windows in different styles, taking into account functionality, light, and even electricity. We will tell you 3 tips for choosing curtains & blinds

Gone are the days when fashion dictated that curtains should be the same or match each other in the house. Today they are one more element that serves to decorate every room in your home, an accessory to get the most out of each window. Here are 3 tips for choosing the most suitable curtains & blinds style for your home.

1. The first tips for choosing curtains & blinds: Start by asking yourself

Before reading the tips for choosing curtains & blinds and deciding on a type of curtain, think about the function of the room, how much light you want to enter through the window, and how much privacy you need in that space. Also, pay attention to the view you have in front of the window and decide if you prefer to camouflage it (without blocking the light) or use a type of curtain that serves to frame and enhance it.

tips for choosing curtains

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2. The second tips for choosing Curtains, blinds, shades, or panels

With so many models out there, it is difficult to decide on a type of curtain for each window. To help you choose, I have a list of the most popular options and tips for choosing Curtains & blinds, and shades.

Sheers and curtains:

tips for choosing curtains

These are the two types of curtains that we have traditionally used on the windows of our homes. The curtains are usually made of light or semi-transparent fabrics and serve both to decorate and attenuate the light that enters through the window. The curtains of fabrics of different thicknesses and textures can be used alone or as a complement to the curtains. If you are looking for a decorative, practical option that saves you on electricity, combine sheers with curtains or draperies grouped on the sides, either with a gathered or loose. The combination of curtains and curtains helps to isolate the house from the cold, and in summer it prevents too much sun from entering, thus keeping the house cooler.


tips for choosing curtains
tips for choosing blinds curtains

Because they are practical in their design, blinds give a modern and functional touch to any room. They come in a wide variety of materials, colors, and shapes, both horizontal and vertical. Their main advantage is that they allow you to easily regulate the intensity and direction of the light. Among the models out there, Venetian blinds have grown in popularity in recent years, perhaps because they are easy to clean, look elegant, and allow light to dim easily.


This type of curtain, composed of a fabric panel that folds and unfolds (or folds) vertically, is a good option for modern environments and small spaces. If you wish, you can combine them with curtains or sheers. In the curtain stores they usually have three types of blinds: roller (the fabric is wound around a central tube), folding (the fabric is folded following the horizontal rods installed in the blind), and package (without rods and, for therefore easier to remove and wash). If you want to block out the light completely, choose a blackout blind.

Tips for choosing Sides and short brown curtains:

These two models decorate the window by covering it only partially. Bands (valance, in English) are bands of decorative fabric that cover the upper part of the curtains and add an elegant and formal touch to the decoration. Short brown curtains, on the other hand, cover the lower half of the window and offer the perfect combination of light and privacy. They are ideal for use on kitchen or bathroom windows.

Japanese panels: This is a modern and minimalist option that is gaining more followers every day, especially for dressing large windows or glass doors. These are simply large panels of fabric that move horizontally guided by rails and that can overlap or meet in the center. Each panel is independent, which gives the option of combining two different panels.

3. The first tips for choosing curtains & blinds: The best style for each room

tips for choosing curtains

The use that we give to each room, the need for light or privacy, and the environment we want to create are the factors that will determine the style of curtains we want for the house. Here are my favorite options and tips for choosing curtains & blinds:

A trick to hang the curtains

Depending on where you hang the curtain, you can “fool” the eye and make a small window appear larger. The goal is to hide the window frame, so hang the curtain on the wall above the frame and make sure the curtain fabric completely covers the window. For the latest fashions, choose a curtain length that touches the floor.

Living room and dining room:

The choice depends on the decoration you already have in the room and your personal style. If your decorating preferences are more traditional, choose light curtains and add gathered curtains on both sides or experiment with curtains and a band on the top of the window. Make sure that the tone of both curtains is in the same color range and do not combine two different types of patterns. If your style is more modern, Venetian blinds in a tone similar to the color of the wall will make the room appear larger. If you’re feeling more adventurous and like simple lines and minimal style, try two Japanese panels.


In addition to taking into account the colors and style of the curtains depending on your bedroom, it is important that they allow you to adjust the light. In this case, use light curtains (that soften the light that enters through the window) and combine them with curtains that have a lining incorporated designed to block the light. You will appreciate it when you want to sleep without the sun waking you up!

Kitchen and bathroom:

Tips for choosing curtains & blinds for Kitchen and bathroom, For these spaces, where there is humidity, smells and grease, you need curtains made of a resistant fabric that can be easily washed. It is also important to let in the light as much as possible but guaranteeing, at least in the bathroom, some privacy. My favorite options are packet-style blinds (without rods) and coffee-style curtains, as they only cover the bottom half of the window. Choose them in light tones and patterns.

As you can see, functionality is still important, but so is the style with which you accent each space in your home.

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