Ideas to decorate the living room with blinds and curtains

Decorating the living room or dining room of a home is often one of our top priorities. They are rooms where we spend a lot of time and we do not want to make a mistake when choosing the furniture and other elements. For example, choosing the right blinds or curtains and decorate the living room with blinds is more important than it might initially seem.

decorate living room with blinds
Ideas to decorate a living room with blinds and curtains

Do living rooms need curtains?

What kind of blinds are best for living rooms?

How do you decorate a living room window?

What is the best window treatment for the living room?

In the living rooms and dining rooms we receive visitors, so appropriate decoration says a lot about us, as well as being essential to feel really comfortable. They are spaces that we share with the other members of the family, and in which we carry out different activities, so it is necessary to follow a series of tips and guidelines to achieve feeling really comfortable.

Tips for decorating the living room of a home

Correct distribution of the room

According to the interior designers, in the event that the living room is also used as a dining room, it is advisable to take the television and relaxation area to the darkest part of the room, and reserve for the dining room the area that receives the most natural light. It is more pleasant to talk and watch television with some gloom while eating with natural light we can appreciate the color of the food, something more important than it may seem a priori.

Choice of decorate living room with blinds

The type of window is decisive when it comes to choosing blinds or curtains. In many cases, the collection limitations on the sides due to lack of space make a blind more recommended. Although the main reason must be the intensity of light that we want. Decorate the living room with blinds graduates the light horizontally, allowing more transparencies. The curtains, on the other hand, graduate the light vertically, and in places where it is colder, they protect and wrap, generating more cozy and warm sensations.


A formula that never fails is to choose neutral tones for the most important elements of the living room, such as the walls, floor, and furniture, and find a way to break the color routine with different accessories, such as cushions, decorate the living room with blinds, blinds for dining room, pictures …

TV hanging on the wall

Anchoring television on the wall is a good alternative in smaller spaces. The high lamps and the low tables also help to give a greater feeling of spaciousness.


In a cozy living room you cannot miss a really comfortable sofa. In this sense, opting for a chaise longue is a safe bet in terms of comfort and aesthetics.

Modern, rustic, classic, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, Decorate the living room with blinds, with curtains, with parquet flooring, with rugs … There are multiple options when decorating a living room. The important thing is to make good use of the space and make the stay attractive as well as comfortable



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