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Choosing the curtains fabric is one of the most difficult stages when wanting to complete the vision of the desired space and the task becomes more complex since the market offers infinite options.

It is necessary to bear in mind that the characteristics of each curtains fabric vary and represent particularities marked for each environment. That is why in this article we are going to talk about different types of fabric for curtains and in this way you can choose the best one for your window that goes according to your needs and the decoration you want to achieve.

What are the Different Types of Curtain Fabrics?

Voile Fabric

It is a type of very light semi-transparent fabric, made of 100% cotton and has excellent draping. Due to its transparency, it is usually combined with a lining-type fabric to counteract this effect a bit.

Shantung Fabric

It is a type of rustic curtain fabric that is characterized by a wonderful shine and a ribbed effect that gives luxury to the fabric. It is a very desirable fabric, as it provides a rustic style, but at the same time quite elegant to space.

Silk Fabric

It is a noble and very soft fabric, charming to the touch, providing a romantic aspect ideal for dining rooms and bedrooms.

You have to bear in mind that if you are going to use silk curtains in a room where a lot of light enters, you must protect it with a blind or panel since the sun’s rays can cause damage. Also remember that if you want these curtains to last, they must be dry cleaned.

Linen Fabric

It is a fabric that covers very well, providing comfort, elegance, and a cozy appearance in the environment in which you use them. It allows natural light to easily enter the desired space and is highly resistant to sunlight, perfect for use in a contemporary dining room, bedroom, or living room. The washing should be dry and hang immediately, as it is the curtains fabric that wrinkles easily.

Velvet Fabric

It is a type of curtains fabric for modern and living curtains that has a luxurious and attractive appearance. Its thick fabric prevents the cold from entering the interior and at the same time helps to block out noise and light. It is very common for use in modern living rooms or bedrooms.

Polyester Fabric

It is a very durable, resistant, and inexpensive type of fabric, which is why one of the most used for the manufacture of curtains. It does not wrinkle or shrink quickly, which makes it very easy to care for, mainly used in bedrooms and living rooms.

Avoid using curtains fabric in the kitchen, since it is a flammable material and absorbs odors quickly. When washing, it is very difficult to remove stains, so it is recommended to use them in a place that does not get dirty easily.

Lace Curtains

It has a delicate mesh background with openwork designs and it is very transparent which allows natural light to be in the desired space. The lace fabric is usually in neutral tones and is normally used in the dining room to give a romantic touch.

Satin Fabric

It is a type of fabric for elegant curtains, quite delicate, shiny, and luxurious that looks good in any environment that you want to give a touch of glamor.

Blackout fabric roller blinds

It is used to filter the sun’s rays and as an acoustic and thermal insulator. It can also be used to divide spaces and to make Roman shades. It is quite a stylish curtain option for living rooms.

Aspects to Consider When Choosing Curtain Fabric

Durability: Over time, the sun can damage all fabrics, but silks are especially prone to sun rot. Some of the window fabrics less prone to sun damage are linen fabrics, brocades, and cotton.

The Number of Threads: In general terms, decorative fabrics have a higher number of threads than fabrics used to make garments, so decorative fabrics last a little longer. Some of these fabrics need to be dry cleaned; Check the fabric label very closely or ask the manufacturer directly to be sure you don’t damage the fabric.

We hope that the kinds of curtains fabrics mentioned above have been useful to you and that you can choose the fabric that suits you the most.

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