What are roller blinds? The characteristics, types, and advantages of roller blinds

Are you looking for curtains or blinds that offer you versatility, resistance, and elegance at the same time? Then roller blinds are the best option for you. So, What are roller blinds? If you want to buy modern roller blinds and you are interested in knowing more about these beautiful pieces, today at UNITEC Textile Decoration, we tell you everything you need to know about roller blinds.

What are roller blinds?

What are roller blinds
blackout roller blinds

Roller shades are one of the most popular products for interior decoration because they offer an elegant and clean style through simple lines, as well as a great ability to fit well to the windows and not present excess fabric.

It is a mechanism in which the fabric is collected in an upper tube and that can be manufactured in different fibers and materials.

Its operation can be done manually or motorized with the various automation methods available in the blinds and curtains store.

Roller blind features

The main characteristics of roller blinds are their elegance and versatility. On the one hand, their simple design with straight lines allows them to complement any space without drawing too much attention. They are ideal especially for the minimalist, classic or industrial designs.

On the other hand, their versatility is manifested mainly in the wide variety of materials and colors in which they can be manufactured. Due to this factor, they are used very frequently both in homes and in work environments.

Additionally, unlike other types of curtains, roller blinds are characterized by being flexible and more resistant. Although this factor also depends on the material that is chosen in the manufacture, the truth is that its durability is much more than other more delicate pieces.

What are the advantages of roller blinds?

What are roller blinds

Control and optimize the entry of light

We know: with almost all curtains or blinds you can regulate the entry of light. However, by this, we mean that roller blinds allow better light management. Thanks to its mechanism we can decide how much light we let into our rooms, depending on the time of year and the time of day.

Keep in mind that material matters a lot in this regard. If you want the roller blinds to completely block the entrance of natural light and thus gain more privacy (perhaps because your windows face directly onto a busy street), you should choose a blackout roller blinds fabric or thick and preferably dark material.

If you’re not worried about sacrificing a bit of privacy to enhance natural lighting, a light, light, or translucent material may be a good option.


Roller blinds are modern curtains by definition. They offer a minimalist and elegant style that is currently in trend. Whether located in homes or offices, these blinds complement a clean and subtle design in any room. Therefore, if you are looking to decorate in this way, this style of curtains will be ideal.

However, they also work in the opposite case: if you are looking for a more loaded style that involves several visual elements on the walls, you can balance everything with some roller shades.

Easy maintenance

If you do not have the time to take care of the roller blinds, these roller shades will be ideal for you. Naturally, the maintenance will depend on the type of material you choose, but in general, the level of care they need is almost nil.

Unless there are stains on the fabric and you have to use a damp cloth to clean them, you should only dust them every so often. Remember that the latter will depend on the place where they are located, for example, you may need to do it more regularly for the curtains in the room.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning how easy it is to install them for almost anyone. Although, for your convenience, do not forget that at UNITEC Textile Decoration we offer you the installation guide.

Regulate temperature

Most of the materials available for roller blinds have characteristics that make them good thermal insulators. Thus, in very hot times they will help to maintain the high temperatures outside the rooms, and on rainy days they will help to maintain the interior temperature.

Do not get in the way

One of the advantages that come out the most is that they do not take up much space. This is especially important for small rooms or spaces. Unlike long fabric curtains block the window, roller blinds will not use more space than necessary.

These are some of the advantages that roller blinds offer you if you choose them for your home decoration. Remember that at UNITEC Textile Decoration we offer you this product in various styles and materials, to suit your style and your needs. Additionally, with us, you can choose them with a manual chain mechanism or automatic drive-by motorization.

What types of roller blinds are there?

What are roller blinds
Screen roller shades

There are different types of curtains and roller blinds that you can use to decorate your spaces; the biggest difference is in the material of manufacture. Here are some of the options we have for you at UNITEC Textile Decoration:

  • Blackout roller blinds: they are offering you total privacy and darkness. If you want to have total control of their privacy or in work or educational environments, And you require darkness to carry out activities, such as theater or projection rooms, you have to use the blackout roller blinds. However, it is a versatile and elegant piece that works in any space.
  • Solar screen roller blinds: unlike the previous ones, the solar screen blinds are curtains that allow great visibility to the outside, while protecting the privacy of the interior. Their best quality is that they offer great control of the light that enters the rooms. and, because they are not completely opaque, they also provide protection from UV rays. They are the ideal living room curtains!
  • Fiber roller blinds: natural fiber roller blinds are a cheaper option to elegantly cover windows in any space. In addition to providing a warm and natural touch, their affordability makes them an attractive alternative.
  • Bambulitas blinds: as the name implies, The material of Bambulitas blinds is bamboo, which gives a beautiful natural touch to the spaces. Their level of privacy is medium and they are ideal for contemporary and trendy decorations.
  • Polyester roller blinds: Polyester is a reliable and traditional material characterized by its broad resistance and durability. In addition, it offers great versatility that allows it to adapt to any style of decoration.

Now that you know all the characteristics of the curtains and roller blinds, what are you waiting to quote this incredible product? At UNITEC Textile Decoration, we are a leading and professional manufacturer of roller blinds fabrics, sunscreen blinds fabrics, zebra blinds fabrics, and zip screen fabrics, with the experience you need to accompany you in the purchase of the ideal fabric for your roller blinds.



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