Fabric Collection – Zip Screen

Zip screen outdoor blinds are the ultimate external blind solution for any outdoor area or window.


Thinking of improving your outdoor space and increasing the comfort of your home? A retractable zip screen is the best choice. It is a high-quality product that will protect your space from unwanted bugs, maintain a comfortable climate and ensure privacy.


By selecting the zip screen fabrics, it is possible to ensure maximum protection against sun rays and heat penetration, ensure the optimal level of daylight inside and ensures optimal contact with the outdoor surroundings. The built-in motor drive highlights the modern design of the system and its overall comfort.


The screen fabric is equipped with a special ZIP system application, which enables it to be seamlessly installed on a variety of structures.


The Zip Screen system has a unique track which makes it windproof for up to 130 km/h, keeps the fabric tension and position of the screen locked inside the guide rails. This system incorporates a welded zipper on the sides of the fabric that provides greater wind resistance than conventional systems, in the case of using an opaque fabric, achieving a total absence of light inside the house.

Screen zip is an innovative roller blind system. The system incorporates a zipper welded on the sides of the fabric that provides greater resistance to the wind in case of using an opaque fabric, it will achieve an absence of light inside the house.


Sun protection and energy saving. Reduces indoor heat in your home and prevents annoying light reflections. With screen zip, you will also have protection against mosquitoes with air renewal inside your home.

Benefits of Zip Screen


  1. Decorative and modern building exterior element,
  2. minimal light penetration thanks to the absolute fabric tension,
  3. high resistance to wind,
  4. heat-regulating effect,
  5. insect protection in the closed position,
  6. frame color as per the RAL chart (except for plastic parts),
  7. remote control.
  8. useful for commercial and residential
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