Fiberglass PVC blackout Fabric

Manufacturer of Fiberglass PVC blackout Fabric for Roller blinds, Vertical blinds, and Panel blinds. The Basic Vinyl Roller Shades Fabric is made of 1 PLY Fiberglass 3 PLY PVC. The fabric is fiberglass and PVC film laminated, With excellent light-shielding performance and flatness, this fabric is widely used in blackout roller blinds, Blackout Panel Blinds, Vinyl Roller Shades Fabric Manufacturer. At the same time, The main capability and characteristics are Waterproof, Flame resistant, Mildew proofing, Anti-UV, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, Easy washing, Good capability of heat maintenance. In addition, It’s an Eco-friendly and PB Lead-free fiberglass roller blinds fabrics, so it is also commonly used in various indoor spaces, such as airports, hotels, offices, shopping malls, and homes.

Technical Data of Fiberglass PVC blackout Fabric

Composition: 1 ply fiberglass, 3 ply Vinyl

Width: 1.83m, 2.00m, 2.44m, 2.50m, 3.00m, 3.20m

Fire Classification: California U.S. Title 19 (small scale), NFPA 701-2010 TM#1

(small scale), BS 5867 2008 Part 2 Type B Performance, B1.


Fabric Warranty: 5 YEARS

Beneficial Terms for Fiberglass PVC blackout Fabric:

  • Some colors are no MOQ
  • 1-3 days delivery time for normal colors
  • Free samples
  • Free customized labels and colors
  • Flexible payment terms

Our Blackout Vinyl Roller shades are our most economical roller shade with vinyl material making them durable and easy to clean vinyl. Reinforced by fiberglass, these shades use a 4-ply vinyl material to create a window treatment that gives you the ultimate in light control and privacy in any room in your home.

Our roller shades are long-lasting because they’re made of vinyl fiberglass and laminated with an additional sheet of vinyl. All colors except for cream (which is the same color on both sides) will come with a white vinyl backing, offering compliance with homeowners associations in addition to a seamless look from the outside.

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