Trend and practicality, roller shades!

The traditional curtains that we all know little by little have begun their disappearance thanks to the arrival of the roller shades, due to their functionality inside the home or office, in this post, we will describe what type of roller shades for windows are and why they are a world trend in interior decoration.

roller shades

Approximately it begins to appear in the market by the hand of horizontal blinds, so the first tests for what is today type of roller shades and roller curtains begin, its operation is simple and practical.

Roller shades for windows are mainly composed of four elements: Fabric, aluminum central axis that makes the fabric roll horizontally, anchoring mechanisms and chains, being placed on the ceiling allow the fabric to hide while they are not in use allowing a greater space and visibility also when falling straight from above give the feeling of organization and application of the spaces.

This type of roller shades for windows contains many beneficial features so you can choose them for you, they can be manufactured in a variety of fabrics, the two most prominent are the Sunscreen and Blackout roller shades for windows – in future publications, we will talk about these fabrics -, there are an infinite number of colors to choose, they provide protection for the heat and cold of each space and are an important element for the decoration of our home or office.

At present, roller shades and blinds are the first option for sun protection in homes around the world, by far displacing traditional curtains, additionally, for approximately 5 years an extra element has been added that gives the rollers a plus, the Using motors for its operation, it has been possible to replace the use of side chains for the traction of the roller shades being replaced by a remote control that with a button can raise and lower the curtains at a distance.

In UNITEC, we have all the experience in the manufacturer of this type of roller shade fabrics, we work with products of the highest quality to provide the best service to our customers, we invite you to be aware of our next publications where we will talk about all the trends in the beautiful world of roll-up shades.



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