Screen fabric blinds, the most optimal model for energy saving!

screen fabric blinds

Screen roller blinds, screen fabric blinds have become a modern alternative to curtains today. The comfort they provide and their perfect functionality make them the best option to dress our houses. Do you know them? In this article, we will tell you everything about this type of roller blinds and the advantages they will bring you!

Bet on the screen roller blinds and you will get the following benefits of screen fabric blinds!

  • The screen roller blinds allow optimum visibility to the outside thanks to their micro-perforated fabric.
  • The maintenance of screen fabric blinds is very simple since with its great resistance to climatic changes it will only be enough to clean them with water and neutral soap. Another method of hygiene for these devices is to use a brush or stain remover. What do we have to do to dry them? Hang them in the sun and they’ll be ready to dress up your window again!
  • Screen fabric blinds offers us different degrees of openness. Depending on how much light we want to pass inside our home, we obtain different degrees of opening: 10%, which gives us maximum transparency and greater visibility from the outside; 5%, which offers us medium transparency and good visibility from the outside; 3%, in which we obtain medium transparency and low visibility; and the opening of 1%, where you will obtain minimum transparency and very low exterior visibility. If instead, you require opaque visibility, get the aperture 0%!

Do you want to bet on the modern world of sunscreen roller blinds?

At UNITEC Window Covering (A leading screen blinds fabrics manufacturer since 2002), we have a wide variety of blinds so you can choose the one that best suits your home. And if you need us to make your blind to measure, contact us through our customer service form. In Corticolors you will find the greatest comfort!



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