zebra blinds accessories


Zebra Blinds Accessories

10 - Years Quality Warranty

– Small MOQ of zebra blinds Accessories

– Delivery time: 1-2 days (if in stock), 25 days for bulk production

– Payment term: We offer a flexible payment term.

Features and Detailed Photos of zebra blinds system

Features & Benefits of zebra blinds system

The zebra blinds also called Day and Night Blinds allow the control of light through the dynamics between the stripes that compose it, they provide a unique atmosphere in decoration and elegance. They are made up of two types or systems of bands. The system of interleaved opaque and translucent bands generates a unique eclipse effect, the option of being made to measure, guarantees the correct operation, valuing your investment in benefits such as the maximum use of the spaces in your house or apartment, with a pleasant natural light.

Professional Factory

Professional aluminum processing plant, this Cassette powder-coated zebra blinds accessories and systems is white or light in color.


High-Quality raw materials

The bottom rod of the zebra blinds accessory system is a powder-coated surface treatment.

Various production processes

Zebra blinds aluminum roll tube is a laminator surface treatment.

OEM and ODM Service

We provide professional drawings to you according to your detailed requirements.

One-stop solution for zebra blinds fabric and system.

THE DESIGN OF THE ZEBRA blinds accessories and RAILS

Drawings and Specifications for Zebra Blinds Accessories

We have an in-house design team and can provide design and drawing services to you for free.

Below is the classic zebra blinds accessories - Aluminium Zebra Blind Set with Cassette, Tube and Bottom Rails

Features and Guarantees

zebra blinds accessories
  • The bottom rod of this zebra blind is a powder-coated surface treatment.
  • This powder-coated zebra curtain is white or light-colored.
  • Colors can also be customized.
  • Zebra blind aluminum roll tube is the surface treatment of the rolling mill.
  • Professional drawings will be provided to you in accordance with your detailed requirements.



5-10 Years Quality Warranty.

zebra blinds accessories

Zebra Blinds have come to be positioned in interior decoration, thanks to the fact that they allow controlling the passage of sunlight when it is required. There are many characteristics and functions that are attributed to these blinds, but the main one is that they can be adapted both in homes, as in offices and shops, giving them a much more modern style. In addition to zebra blinds fabrics, zebra blinds accessories are also the most important part.

Packing Standard

Length: 6m

Cartons, craft paper, fiber tape, shrink-wrapped;

Detailed Photos

Zebra blinds are increasingly becoming the primary choice in home decoration, because of its characteristics, you can freely adjust the amount of light entering the room.

Therefore, our quality requirements for zebra blinds accessories and roller blinds accessories are also very strict.

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UNITEC Textile is one of the largest blinds fabrics companies that specialized in designing, manufacturing all kinds of fabrics and components for roller blinds, sunscreen blinds, vertical blinds, zebra blinds, and outdoor zip screens.

With more than 19 years of experience, UNITEC offers its clients premium quality blinds fabrics, and decorative & technical solutions, which ensure a successful, safe, and mutual benefit business relationship, and are oriented to the consumer.

We are proud to have among our customers the most prestigious Window Covering Manufacturers in Europe, North America, Latin America, the Caribbean as well as some selected companies in Australia.



zebra blinds accessories

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