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Vertical Blinds Fabric offers privacy and light control, due to their smooth vertical movement, having at the same time the warmth of fabric and the functionality of a blind. With our different textures and designs, you will be able to create your warm and comfortable environment in addition to having avant-garde colors.

It is always a good time to give your home a twist and renew your decorating style, and this Good End you can do it with UNITEC vertical blinds fabric, a modern and innovative option that will make all your spaces shine.

Design, Functionality, and Beauty in One Piece

Vertical Blinds Fabrics are one of the most avant-garde alternatives that you can find today in the decoration market. Being made of fabric, they offer an aesthetically pleasing to the eye different from wood or metal.

Fabric, and in particular polyester, are very easy to use materials and combine with other decorative elements. In the case of vertical fabric blinds, their texture provides simplicity and, above all, gives each room a cozy and elegant feeling.

This type of blinds is designed so that the windows become the protagonists of your decoration, regardless of whether the openings are open or closed. Their main characteristic is that they allow light to pass through in a soft way to create relaxed and sophisticated spaces.

In addition to beauty and design, this type of blinds is still functional, on the contrary, thanks to the combination of opaque openings and translucent fabrics, you can achieve an excellent view to the outside and an environment full of light inside. of each space.

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