Trends in window blinds of decoration 2021

trends in window blinds

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to renovate the decoration of your home, we give you some tips to redecorate your room with the latest trends in Living room window blinds colors of decoration 2020 from the manufacture of roller blinds fabrics

Learn about the best colors of living room window blinds, the window blinds that set a trend and the style of decoration that, yes or yes, you should adopt in one of the most important rooms in your home.

One of the big questions we always ask ourselves when starting to decorate a room is what color to choose? The trends in window blinds colors in decoration are super important because they not only complement the decoration style, they also have an important role in our emotions.

That is why the colors of living room window blinds and trends in window blinds that you decide to use have to convey relaxation, peace, joy, or any feeling you want to feel while being in that room.

Remember that the room is one of the most important rooms in your home because that is where you can create great moments with family or friends, that’s why the trends in window blinds of decoration and colors have to be in harmony with the rest of the elements.

As every year, Pantone Color Institute announces the color that will set the trend this 2020 in different industries such as fashion design, graphic design, and decoration, among others.

This year the chosen tone is Classic Blue or Classic Blue, a color that represents tranquility and confidence.

It is described as a color that “evokes blue raspberry syrup; the feeling of a new and luxurious sofa; and an underwater and ethereal sound.”

With this interpretation, we can imagine everything that evokes this tone and of course chooses it in our next decorations. If you like this beautiful and relaxing color, do not wait to apply it to your rooms, accessories, and walls.

The most combinable colors

In addition to the color of the year, there are other colors that you can use both in your window blinds and walls, as in furniture, carpets, and accessories.


White is a color that you should definitely include in your selection of room window blinds colors since with it you can create sophisticated environments full of peace and it is also easily combinable with the rest of the room’s decorative elements and with any other color.


Another perfect color for a modern and very trendy decoration is the beige color in all its shades. It is a highly combinable color and one of the colors of the room window blinds that can not be missing in your next decoration.


Pink, whether in pastel colors or vibrant shades, is a very fashionable color that never ceases to amaze us with its versatility in decoration. Looks good on walls, all kinds of accessories, and textiles such as cushions, blankets, and carpets. If you want to innovate this 2020, pink is one of the colors of the living room window blinds that you can include in your decoration.

The right window blinds for your living room

In addition to correctly choosing the colors of room window blinds, the functionality of your window blinds is important. The decoration trend continues to lean towards natural light, so our recommendations are as follows:

Vignette roman blinds

Inspired by Roman-style trends in window blinds, Vignette has symmetrical folds of fabric inside and a clean and uniform finish on the outside. It offers a very good level of light and is ideal for placing it in rooms full of light, such as the living room.

Roller blinds

This line of avant-garde window blinds is created for comfortable and comfortable spaces. Special for gram-sized rooms with perfect light control on multiple levels. The combination that your room needs between trends in window blinds functionality and design.

Japan: the trend style this 2020

A style that is still very present in trends in window blinds decoration and that we will see a lot next year is Japandi. A mixture between the Nordic and Japanese styles, where the simple and the functional predominate, without leaving aside the warmth in the spaces.

The trends in window blinds colors to use, characteristic of this decoration, are: neutral, white, and gray, and to contrast green, pink and blue. The colors of room window blinds that you can use in this case are beige, brown, and cream.

As for decorative elements, it uses natural wood, stone, ceramics, rice paper, and natural fibers.

Furniture for 2021

Smart furniture will be imposed this 2021 due to the reduction of spaces, increasing its functionality. According to Ikea, furniture with more than one use is the future in trends in window blinds decoration, as well as light furniture. If you have rooms or spaces that you use for two activities, you can consider this option.

Start 2021 with a new decoration. Learn more about trends in window blinds colors and decoration styles at



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