Rustic curtains: An elegant and very natural curtain

Have you tried hanging rustic curtains? They are elegant and very natural. We tell you everything you wanted to know about are rustic curtains.

Rustic curtains add an air of sophistication and warmth to the environment. It is very important to choose the right rustic curtains. They will become protagonists of the room. Rustic living room curtains have clearly identifiable characteristics. The rustic style aims to combine a traditional and relaxed atmosphere, which seeks perfect harmony with nature.

The typical colors for rustic curtains are warm and neutral, such as sand, stone, earth, and beige. The color of the curtains can be combined with the color of the furniture and walls, to achieve a symbiosis of all the elements of the room.

Rustic curtains


If in any environment of your home you have a decoration with neutral colors, beige, sand, wood, or earth, you need to pay attention to the model of the curtains to dress your windows and doors.

Rustic curtains provide a climate of elegance and warmth to spaces. For this, it is vitally important to choose the right curtains, as these will become a key part of the environment.

The main function of the rustic style is to achieve a balance between a traditional chill-out environment, in contact with nature.


Rustic curtains are distinguished by being of natural origin construction, among which cotton, wicker, wool, jute, nylon, among others, stand out. These materials of natural origin provide a differential value to the home, generating a pleasantly warm climate.

The colors most used in rustic curtains are, as we mentioned earlier, those that are within the range of warm and neutral. They look great in living rooms when combined with walls and furniture, achieving perfect harmony in the living room.

In the same way, the wooden beams have their prominence in these types of rustic rooms, complementing the proposal.

Decorating environments with this style represents a whole concept. The taste of the traditional, the smell of the woods, the occasional handcrafted furniture, a bonfire lit in the fireplace in the living room, a hot chocolate.

The combination of rustic curtains

If the room is of a neutral color, we can opt for rustic curtains in green and red tones, to give contrast and life to the decoration. Wood, stone and natural fiber elements are the real stars in terms of materials.

The wooden beams also usually play the main role in these types of the living room. To put the finishing touch to the decoration we can include some handmade furniture with glass doors and a large fireplace that stands out in the room.

The rustic style tries to connect with the taste of the old and with the memory of past experiences. We must ensure that our rustic living room curtains transmit history just by looking at them and that they play an important role over the rest of the decoration.

The current trend is to combine the old with the new, that is why it is possible to find two types of rustic living rooms, some more traditional with wooden beams, brick walls and traditional elements and others, which combine all these elements with walls and curtains in white or neutral tones.

It is common to make the mistake of overloading the room: finding the balance between the furniture and the rustic curtains will give us the key to avoiding making this common mistake. To do this, we present some ideas to advise you on choosing the rustic living room curtains that best fit with the rest of the decoration.

Ideas for rustic curtains in your living room

In the living room rustic curtains, the offer is very wide and diverse. Many times we are lost and do not take into account some aspects that can be useful to complete our decoration of the room. With these ideas for rustic curtains in the living room, we intend to make this task a bit easier and achieve a perfect interior design.

Rustic patterned curtains

Rustic curtains

Rustic patterned curtains are ideal for living rooms that need an air of life and naturalness. They are usually floral prints that fit perfectly with the natural touch that we are looking for.

Curtains in neutral tones

Unlike in the previous section, rustic living room curtains in neutral tones help soften the aesthetics of the room. To avoid that feeling of oversaturation of elements. We can combine these neutral colors with a fine line or floral designs of the same tone.

Rustic curtains sheer

Rustic curtains

The sheer curtains add lightness and vitality to the room. They are usually transparent, although not completely. This causes them to let sunlight filter through their tissues. In this way, the living room will enjoy the light and a good temperature. From the inside, you can see the exteriors, ideal for when we have good views from home.

Curtain rods

The best way to hang rustic living room curtains is to use wrought iron or wood curtain rods. These bars will reinforce the traditional and natural environment that your living room needs. There are different finishes for each of the materials, with a variety of shapes. In the case of the wooden bars, in addition to the finishes, we can choose between three different colors of wood.

Cushions and blankets that match your curtains

You can complement the country style with fluffy blankets and cushions. Better if you put them in bright colors, without breaking the chromatic unity of the room. The cushions and blankets will give the sofa comfort and warmth and will make the room more welcoming.

Follow this series of ideas for rustic living room curtains and get a harmonious decoration of furniture and accessories. Create a room with history and personality. With traditional and natural touches. This is the way to be transported without leaving the room to the heart of nature.

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