How to choose the best Blinds for Offices?

blinds for offices

Decorating a space is often a real headache if we do not have the advice of an expert to help us in our task. Choosing Blinds for Offices is not always an easy task. It is not enough to choose just any model to get out of the way.

The workplace is the second place where we spend the most time each day, after the family home. We must make it a comfortable and pleasant space, something essential to achieve a balanced environment that favors work within the company.

At UNITEC Textile Decoration, which is a professional and leading manufacturer of fabrics for roller blinds, solar screen blinds fabrics, roller shade fabrics, zebra blinds fabrics, and curtain fabrics, we want to do our bit. We propose a list of tips to help you choose the most suitable Blinds for Offices.

What to consider when choosing the blinds for offices?

blinds for offices

Harmony with the furniture

To create a pleasant workplace, we must choose Blinds for Offices that are in accordance with the rest of the furniture. It is important not to lose the common thread of decoration and always follow the same decorative line. If, for example, our workspace has very ornate furniture, softening the room with Blinds for Offices in light tones would be one of the options.

Color of the walls

In the same way as furniture, walls play a very important role in choosing one office curtain model or another. Our purpose is to achieve achromatic balance, ensuring that all the elements of the office are part of a whole. On white walls or in light tones we can afford to put a curtain with some color that gives life to space.

Office design

Continuing with the harmony of furniture and wall design, one more element to take into account is the style of the office. We must keep in mind the existing decoration when choosing the curtains, if it is modern, conservative, minimalist, sober, urban …

Dimension of space

The size of the space where we are going to place the Blinds for Offices must be taken into account so as not to break the balance. If the space is very small, we should not choose curtains that are very ornate, as it could be overwhelming and overloaded, for that situation it is better to resort to simplicity, “less is more”. However, wide and clear spaces allow a more colorful type of curtain or even patterns.

Adequate lighting

One of the things that most favor work productivity is having adequate lighting. The solution for many would be to turn on as many lights as possible and the problem fixed. The truth is that there is nothing like enjoying a lot of natural light in a space.

The ideal is to choose Blinds for Offices that allow the sunlight to filter in just the right amount. This creates a warm and comfortable working climate.

Materials of blinds for offices

It is true that we do not always renew both the decoration of our work and that of the house and that the type of curtain to use is very different in one area than in another.

Therefore, selecting a material resistant to the passage of time and that protects from the wear of sunlight is essential. Materials such as PVC or fiberglass would meet these qualities and would be a good choice for Blinds for Offices.

Cleaning and maintenance of blinds for offices

It is consistent with the type of material of the curtain. We need some “off-road” Blinds for Offices, which will remain intact over time. That they can be cleaned with a damp cloth, without the need for complicated maintenance processes.

A high volume of people passes through our office throughout the day. The pace of work is hectic. Choosing a type of Blinds for Offices that is delicate or requires too much care could be a poor choice.

Transmit through colors of blinds for offices

Convey all kinds of emotions through the use of different shades in your Blinds for Offices. Use white color to emit tranquility and purity. The purple tone activates creativity. And the blue color promotes worker productivity.

Humanize the space

Give life to your office by incorporating some decorative elements such as plants. Plants such as bamboo can complete the interior design of the room. It also serves to renew the air in the office. It is proven that the use of aromatherapy in oils, candles or incense can activate or relax when working. Combining these elements with Blinds for Offices will help well-being in the workplace.

Keep the identity of your company

Making a good first impression is essential. Your office must convey the core values ​​of the company. For this, you should not neglect any decoration details. Integrate the Blinds for Offices as one more piece of that personality that you want to convey to others.

As imagining it is not the same as seeing it, we recommend four different models of Blinds for Offices. They are sure to fit perfectly in your company. Among the most commonly used types of Blinds for Offices are roller blinds, both translucent and blackout, vertical slat blinds, and aluminum Venetian blinds. These models stand out for their comfort in cleaning and maintenance and for their high durability over time.

One question: How have you decorated your office and what blinds for offices have you put on it? If you tell us, are you sure you will give us some interesting ideas that we can share with all our clients?

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