Give more life to your home curtains

The care of home curtains is as important as that of furniture or floors. Learning how to keep them in good condition is very easy with the correct tips, below we tell you how to extend the life of your curtains so that you can enjoy your spaces and your decoration for longer.

home curtains
home curtains

Tips to extend the life of your home curtains

Home Curtains are one of the most important decorative accessories in the home, because, in addition to giving harmony, they provide protection to the rooms, which is why it is so important to take care of them.

To obtain an impeccable decoration, your curtains must be in good condition, clean and without any type of wear and tear. To achieve this, good maintenance is necessary, which you can achieve by following these practical tips.

Cleaning continues

If you already purchased your UNITEC Textile Decoration home curtains, you should know that their maintenance requires frequent but simple cleaning. It is necessary to use a vacuum cleaner, better if it is used at low suction, to eliminate the dust that will accumulate over the days. This cleaning is very practical and requires little time.

You can also use a duster with gentle and delicate movements so as not to mistreat the fabric. In the case of roller blinds, you can use a damp cloth to remove dust, stains and dirt.

As a recommendation and for best results, clean both sides of your curtains every week so that they always look elegant, clean, and stay in good condition for a long time.

Don’t use solvents

The number one enemy of your home curtains is chemical solutions. Avoid using any type of solvent, as fabrics can lose their color and texture.

These products may at first glance seem like a quick fix, but they are deceptive products that shorten the life of fabrics over time. Be careful with damages of this type because usually the warranties do not apply to these damages. Remember that each fabric is different and therefore your care is also different.

Give them the proper use

Take into account the usefulness of each of your curtains because their good maintenance depends on that. When acquiring a curtain, read all its specifications, as well as its care.

Use your curtains for what they were made and the right size for each window or door to the outside. A mistake is to place curtains much larger than the windows since rubbing with the floor or other elements can wear them quickly.

Try to keep them stretched out, as if you have them folded for a long time they can collect dust and cause the folds to deteriorate. In short, give them the proper use.
Avoid stains

One of the big reasons curtains have stains is because they are handled with your hands. To avoid this, use the drive of each curtain correctly.

An outstanding advantage of UNITEC Textile Decoration home curtains is that you can acquire them motorized, with the option of operating them by means of a button, a remote control, Smartphone or Tablet, which prevents them from getting dirty faster and therefore lengthening their time of life.

What are the strongest home curtains?

All UNITEC Textile Decoration home curtains are made with high quality fabrics, if you are looking for curtains that are easy to maintain, with high functionality, resistance to sun, noise and other environmental factors, you may be interested in the following curtains for home.

Silhouette curtains are made with 100% polyester fabrics with a state-of-the-art treatment, which makes them special to protect your home from UV rays.

This type of home curtains has translucent fabrics that allow excellent visibility to the outside and at the same time privacy inside the spaces.

In addition to the texture of its fabrics, soft to the touch, they have an antistatic treatment that repels dust and therefore makes their maintenance easier, extending their life.

If you are looking for functionality and an avant-garde design, Silhouette is the right choice.

Duette is an innovative curtain with many advantages in terms of functionality. It has a honeycomb cell structure with 100% polyester fabrics that offers thermal and acoustic properties.

This means that it keeps spaces isolated from both heat and cold and allows you to create relaxed environments without noise.

Thanks to the characteristics of its structure and its fabrics, it is an easy-to-maintain curtain that can add a lot to your home. An excellent alternative for spacious spaces that inspire.

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