Blackout and transparent roller blinds, the new mainstream of urban consumption

As a classic sunshade product, roller blinds have always occupied a certain share in the market, especially blackout and transparent window roller blinds, semi-transparent roller blinds, which are deeply loved by consumers.

Most people should not call an old house that has been abandoned for 30 years, without a roof, without electricity, and even without reliable plumbing facilities, as “the house of dreams.” However, a Portuguese artist Felgueiras has transformed it. Realize the home space he yearns for.

Blackout and transparent roller blinds

The exterior of the house is old and obsolete and very inconspicuous, but the interior space is transformed by Felgueiras, which is not interesting.

Blackout and transparent roller blinds
Blackout and transparent roller blinds, the new mainstream of urban consumption

Why you should choose semi-transparent roller blinds fabric?

The overall style is rural and idyllic, and blends into the modern artistic style, simple and elegant. The glass windows in the room are not big, so lighting is particularly important. The light yellow Blackout and transparent roller blinds of the restaurant are very suitable for the application, not only filter most of the light but also make the whole restaurant naturally bright. When viewed from a distance, the windows become soft and shiny.

Blackout and transparent roller blinds
Roller Shades Blackout Transparent

This is a private space in Felgueiras. Blackout and transparent roller blinds keep the room bright and gain a little privacy. Different colors of floral plants and some furniture decorations are very harmonious in color, which is simple and warm and full of natural texture. There are also art paintings on the walls to activate the atmosphere.

Blackout and transparent roller blinds
Translucent Blackout Roller Blinds

The grey bedroom with simple bed and table lamp makes the bedroom permeated with a strong retro style and nostalgia, which makes people feel like they have returned to the simple and simple era before, but also makes the space appear simple and full.

The window blinds with brown woven pattern connect the interior and exterior spaces of the bedroom while maintaining a harmonious combination, it also ensures indoor lighting.

After reading this case, everyone will see that the role of roller blinds in creating a sense of modernity cannot be underestimated. With the development of urbanization and modernization, roller blinds are widely used, especially Blackout and transparent roller blinds, but it is not without reason that it is so popular among consumers.

01: Strong practicality of Blackout and transparent roller blinds

The transmittance of semi-transparent roller blinds fabric is between full shading and semi shading. It is characterized by filtering out part of the light and still retaining part of the light into the room, but it cannot see through the scene. It is suitable for both privacy and light transmission. place.

Blackout and transparent roller blinds
Blackout and transparent roller blinds

T02: Weak presence

The simple roller blind in the white environment becomes part of the space. When rolled up, the transparent window blinds forms a horizontal line that is almost invisible, and there is no sense of existence, and it will not destroy the original beauty of the space at all, and will not overwhelm the guests.

Blackout and transparent roller blinds
Fabric Window Roller Shades with Blackout for sale

The white roller blinds semi-transparent roller blinds fabrics are particularly popular with the public. They are not only refreshing, clean, fresh, and pleasant but also simple but without loss of texture, which can help create a comfortable and natural home environment.

Blackout and transparent roller blinds
transparent roller shade

Here are some transparent window blinds examples of matching!

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