UNITEC newly developed polyester roller blind URB82

This UNITEC newly developed polyester roller blind URB82 is very fashionable and can give people a good mood. This roller blind is made of 100% Polyester with Acrylic Coating (100% Free of PVC, Formaldehyde, and Halogen to help reduce toxins in your environment). It is a translucent polyester roller blind for UNITEC’s newly developed polyester roller blind. URB82 can not only block sunlight UV light and block noise. The price is reasonable and widely used. It can be used for household polyester roller blinds, office polyester roller blinds, airport polyester roller blinds, not only that, but also bathroom roller blinds.

Fabric Name: UNITEC newly developed polyester roller blinds

Code: URB8201-8205

Composition :100% Polyester with Acrylic Coating
Width:Maximum 2.85m
Nominal weight:170±5% gsm
Nominal thickness:0.4 mm ±5%
UV Protection:Tested to AS/NZS 4399:1996
Standard Packing:30m/Roll (Can be customized)
Color Fastness:Grade 8 ISO105-B02

Application: Roller blinds,  polyester roller blinds,  roller blind fabric

polyester roller blind

What is the production process and quality control system of UNITEC newly developed polyester roller blinds?

Roller Blinds Fabric Description:

Production Process

1.Spinning-Weaving-Cleaning-Dyeing-Inspection-Cleaning-Coating-Inspection cutting-Packaging

1. Yarn: Procurement by yourself: Control the quality of products from the source (Mainland, Taiwan, India, Pakistan)

                 Inspection: use the machine to inspect the strength and toughness of the yarn

2. Weaving: a weaving factory that occupies shares. (Machine, half domestic, half imported from Germany)

3. Dyeing factory: cooperative factory

4. Coating: own-owned factory (four production lines, 2 purchased from Taiwan and 2 purchased from Korea-Mega coater)

polyester roller blind

Why is UNITEC newly developed polyester roller blind URB82 suitable for housing use?

With excellent heat and reflection properties, it helps maintain an energy-saving environment and a comfortable living environment. Using high-quality yarn raw materials, the warranty period is 3-4 years. UNITEC’s newly developed polyester roller blind URB82 can be used to block ultraviolet raysAlthough it cannot block 100% of the light, 95% of the light can be blocked. It also allows some natural light to be poured into the house, and it can also be flame retardant and waterproof. Suitable for colored acrylic paint. It has a variety of colors and can be used with other UNITEC series, and can be used with sunscreen roller blinds, vertical blinds and zebra blinds.

UNITEC’s newly developed polyester roller blind URB82 is characterized by providing privacy in any space, it can isolate 95% of external light and has high resistance. They are also easy to clean and install. Because its design allows the fabric to be rolled up and hidden, other advantages will not take up too much space. Its operation is very simple, because it can be done manually by pulling the chain, or it can be done automatically with a remote control that allows you to move up and down, and it can be operated electrically, which is very simple and convenient

polyester roller blind

UNITEC newly developed polyester roller blind URB82 is not only suitable for family residences, but also for hotel roller blinds, office roller blinds, airport roller blinds, school roller blinds, etc. Wide range of uses, reasonable price and easy operation! UNITEC’s newly developed polyester roller blind URB82 is a good value-for-money choice, with a variety of colors to choose from.

This UNITEC newly developed polyester roller blind URB82 has the following three points

It’s not completely dark, it’s a bit transparent.

The main feature of UNITEC’s newly developed polyester roller blind URB82 is that they can guarantee that 95% of sunlight or outside light does not pass through, which will ensure our complete privacy. This roller blind URB82 is an ideal choice for promoting rest and relaxation. Even in non-nighttime, it can reach a very dark environment, and it can also prevent sunlight from being reflected on the TV or computer screen, which can cause glare. Moreover, some natural light sources from the outside will penetrate into the house, so that you will not always be in a closed and dark space. No light is better than natural light, right?

polyester roller blind

Have a sense of privacy.

Another advantage of UNITEC’s newly developed polyester roller blind URB82 is that since it is a 95% shading fabric, no one can see us from the outside. If we don’t want to chat with our neighbors in the future, then this kind of roller shutter can guarantee our privacy. 

UNITEC newly developed polyester roller blind URB82 can block ultraviolet rays

The newly developed polyester roller blind URB82 includes an ultraviolet filter to prevent ultraviolet rays from passing through. This ensures the protection of household items that may be severely damaged by furniture and daily necessities. Up to 95%

It is recommended to use finished roller blinds in rooms where light input is annoying, but for offices, companies and conference rooms where you must concentrate and avoid distractions

Here are some advantages of multifunctional jacquard blackout roller blinds:

1. Strong decorative

Compared with other indoor window decoration products, UNITEC’s roller blind URB82 itself has strong plasticity and excellent decoration ability. From simple solid color appearance to rich and gorgeous patterns, it can meet various style requirements.

2. Good durability

Compared with other window decoration products, UNITEC’s newly developed polyester blinds URB82 fabric is vertical, soft and not easily deformed, and the entire curtain body is easier to clean and maintain.

polyester roller blind

3. Adjust natural light

After filtering, the glare becomes soft scattered light, which can eliminate the glare on the indoor computer or TV screen and improve people’s visual comfort.

4. Heat preservation and energy saving

In summer, the shading system can be used to adjust the amount of incident sunlight to reduce heat input and reduce cooling load. In winter, the shutters can be fully opened during the day to ensure maximum light and heat enter and increase the indoor air temperature. The cold barrier saves heat.

5. Wide range of applications

 UNITEC’s newly developed polyester roller blind URB8200 has very few limitations. It can be used in various architectural decorations according to different needs, such as office buildings, hotels, factories, etc., not to mention the application in the home, living room, dining room, bedroom, and kitchen. Bathroom etc



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