Triangular window blinds, blinds for a triangular window

If you built your house or moved and your new place has triangular windows, you dress in a lot of design. From UNITEC TEXTILE DECORATION we make custom triangular window blinds. These windows are common in two-story houses where the roof is made in an inverted v shape and allows these types of openings.

What types of triangular window blinds to decorate with?

“Blinds” is a topic that interests many homeowners. The design of windows in an apartment is characteristic of the entire interior design style and designates the taste of the inhabitants. Of course, the curtains do not have a purely decorative function. The main idea of the blinds is to darken the windows. In this regard, there are two main things to consider when choosing new curtains: functionality and beauty.

You can choose from a wide range of colors, types of fabric, and characteristics of the blinds. Likewise, from UNITEC TEXTILE DECORATION we can recommend our blins fabrics line.

With this line of blinds, your windows will come to life.

Triangular window blinds with the Shantung Line

The Shantung line is made up of a system of vertical bands that offer the best solution for large windows.

The regulation of the bands allows the full entry of light when they are open and provides privacy when they are closed. So, Combine with colored bands, making your home a place of design.

In addition, you have the possibility to choose between the following types of fabric:

And in each of these a wide variety of colors awaits you.

Smart Home for triangular window blinds

From UNITEC TEXTILE DECORATION we also offer you the possibility of motorizing or automating your blinds



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