The five most popular transparent roller blinds

Transparent roller blinds are becoming more and more popular, which is why we have more and more transparent roller blinds in various colors in our product range. Most people opt for sheer roller blinds when they want to block out the sun, but still get enough light. Users can see the scenery outside the house through the transparent fabric, but the transparent fabric still provides a certain degree of privacy.

Top 5 popular transparent roller blinds

Sheer roller blinds are usually hung where light is needed, such as the kitchen, study or living room. We have transparent roller blinds in different colors for you to mix and match. Our advice is to choose a color that coordinates with your room decor. If you’re not sure which color you want, don’t worry. We’ve compiled the top 5 most purchased sheer roller blinds.

transparet roller blinds

1. Transparent white roller blind

White is a neutral color that fits into every household and the color is also found in many interiors. White is easy to combine with other colors and radiates peace and spaciousness. If you opt for a transparent roller blind in the color white, you can easily change your interior without having to adjust your roller blinds. In short, white is always good, which is why this color roller blind is ordered so often. A white roller blind looks very nice in a kitchen and provides a clean look.

2. Transparent cream roller blind

  • If you find the white color too bright or too white, the cream color is a good alternative. Cream color is mainly seen in living rooms, because this color is slightly creamier and slightly warmer than the normal white color. A white transparent roller blind would look out of place in a living room with cream colors, so a transparent cream roller blind is ideal. Cream is also a light color, so it also provides peace and spaciousness and can also be combined with other colors.

transparet roller blinds

3. Transparent gray roller blind

  • In addition to the different shades of white in the top 5, gray transparent roller blinds are also a frequently chosen color. Gray is available in different shades to choose from. Light gray looks a bit cool, but anthracite roller shades look even warmer. Gray is also a color that combines well with other calm or bright colors. For the overall aesthetics of the room, it is recommended to choose gray.

4. Transparent beige roller blind

Another beautiful neutral color is beige. This light brown color gives a slightly different look than white and cream, but certainly does not look out of place. This color gives warmth and is fortunately also easy to combine with other colors. A transparent beige roller blind is often found in rural interiors where natural colors are used.

transparet roller blinds

5. Transparent black roller blind

  • Black is also a color that makes it into the top 5 list of popular sheer transparent roller blinds. Even though the curtains are black it still means you can see through it. Sheer black roller blinds are often found in industrial or modern interiors. You don’t have to worry about it completely darkening the room as it allows enough light to pass through.

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